Honenji Temple With A Beautiful Five-Storied Pagoda | Busshozan, Kagawa Prefecture

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Attraction Of Honenji Temple

A Beautiful Five-Storied Pagoda Colored With Cherry Blossoms

Honenji Temple is a family temple of Matsudaira, a general of old Takamatsu Clan. The scenery of cherry blossoms coloring the precinct with a five-storied pagoda, is wonderful. Especially, you can see its most beautiful view from the opposite bank of the pond!
A udon noodle restaurant 'Ryuun' in the precinct is very popular. And you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Busshozan Park next to Honenji Temple.

Honenji Temple Info


3215 Ko Busshozan , takamatsu-shi, kagawa


20min walk from Busshozan Station. By car, 15min from Takamatsu Airport, 25min from Takamatsu Station, 10min from Takamatsu Chuou (Central) IC.



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