Teuchi Soba BAIAN
ina-shi, nagano

Teuchi Soba BAIAN


7088-2 Uchinokaya, ina-shi, nagano



Unforgettable Taste Of Gyoja Soba Noodle In The Quiet Mountains

People say 'Shinshu Soba' in this one word, but there're various kinds and ways of eating in each area. Gyoja Soba is one of these, and eat it with Karami Daikon (hot white radish) and Yaki Miso (burned miso) in the soup. You can enjoy rich smell and taste of soba noodle in miso flavor.
Regular Holidays: Wednesdays & Thursdays. Open from February 3th (they have long winter closure). Access: 15min by car from Ina IC of Chuo'u Express Way.