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Hi. Shrines and temples, castles and delicious food. Driving, camera and going out are all what I like. Thank you :-)

5 Travel Tips [1-5]


Café and restaurant produced by a flower shop. They prepare the food of edible flowers and local foodstuffs. You can enjoy the colorful sight and taste, and feel the nature of Nagano.


Takada Park is famous for cherry blossoms. In summer, you can see the lotus flowers at the whole moat, that is said to be the best in the East. On the refreshing summer morning, leaves and flowers repelling water could make you more refreshing. During the cool morning is the golden time to see the lotus flowers.


A main road with more than 30 houses of thatched roof is an important traffic point that connects Aizu and Nikko. You can look inside the biggest post station, eat a specialty 'Negi-soba noodle' and so on. Why don't you walk around the historical calm town surrounded by mountains?


Matsumoto Castle has different appearances in each season. The castle tower is illuminated throughout the year. And a season of cherry blossoms is going to start now. The bright castle tower in the darkest sky, and cherry trees around the moat are so beautiful that you may forget the time.