Oomiko Seaside

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Lucky Daruma Sunrise From The Horizon

Oomiko Seaside is a sunrise view spot in Tokushima. In winter, you can see the lucky 'Dariuma Sunrise' (its shape looks like a daruma, a doll of luck). Many people come to see it on New Year's Day. But only a few local people come on usual days. How about aimig this lucky sunrise?



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Nearby Things To Do

Awa Dance Festival

Heated Atmosphere Fills Tokushima During Bon Holidays! A Traditional Festival Held For More Than 400 Years

Awa-odori is a proud and historical festival of Tokushima. During Bon holidays in mid-August, Awa-odori is held each place of the prefecture, then in Tokushima-shi; the biggest venue, about 1.3million people in all for four days, come and enjoy Awa-odori's heated atmosphere.

Joroku-ji Temple

Gradation Of Red, Yellow And Green Fall Foliage At Joroku-ji Temple

Japanese maple trees at Joroku-ji Temple change their colors severally, so you can enjoy seeing beautiful gradation of red, yellow, orange and green. Fall foliage is excellent with the tile roof and the temple gate, I was really excited to take pictures.

Mt.Bizan Observatory

Seen From An Observatory, The Morning Sun Dyeing Tokushima Port

Mt.Bizan is located at the center of Tokushima City. It's a low mountain but you can see the rising sun above the sea from its observatory. And the morning sunlight dyeing the port is so beautiful that it makes you feel the beginning of the new day.

Zuigan-ji Temple

Only 3 Min From The Downtown To The Silent World

Zuigan-ji Temple is located at the foot of Mt.Bizan in the downtown of Tokushima. Paving stones covered with moss and flowers adding colors modestly are certainly aspects of an old and historical temple. There're many things to see such as Tokushima's famous spring and a Christian lantern. We can't believe that 3 minutes drive from the downtown takes us to the world wrapped in silence.

Yoshino-gawa River

Yoshino-gawa River In Winter. Shirasu-unagi Fishing Like Fluttering Fireflies

Popular winter event in Tokushima is Shirasu-unagi (baby Japanese eel) Fishing. The boats Moving around with lights looks like fireflies, and you must be enthralled at all.

Harada Family's House

Early Cherry Blossoms In Tokushima, Pretty 'Hashisuka-zakura' At An Old Samurai House

Hachisuka-zakura reaches its best at the beginning of March and is a kind of early cherry blossoms in Tokushima. You can see it at Harada family's house, a registered national cultural asset. Its deeper pink blossoms are very pretty, and it's worth seeing because the tree is high enough.

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