Enko-ji Temple

Attraction Of Enko-ji Temple

Beautiful Frame Garden Like An Autumn Colored Picture

Enko-ji Temple has become popular for its autumn colors. The beautiful green garden in summer becomes more beautiful with many colors in autumn. During the term of maple leaves falling, a red carpet will appear around the Jizo♡
To take picture like a frame, you need to wait the timing people go away. But, the temple's attendant will tell you a good timing, so you can take picture like this!

Enko-ji Temple's Frame Garden As A Piece Of Picture

Enko-ji Temple was a school for development of education by Ieyasu Tokugawa. A wonderful Japanese garden covered with moss, 'Jyu-gyu no niwa' is like a picture by the temple pillars on all sides. The rich nature gives us a moment of relief.

Everyone Smiles At A Smiling Child Jizo Of Enko-ji Temple

Enko-ji Temple, famous for its frame garden, has very cute Warabe (child) Jizo. Everyone smiles naturally like it! A karesansui garden 'Honryu-tei' that expresses a rising dragon in a sea of clouds. And a hand-washing bowl 'Suikinkutsu' that makes clear sounds. There're many things to see in this temple.

Enko-ji Temple Info


13 Kotani-cho Ichijo-ji Sakyo-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto