Atago Shrine

Attraction Of Atago Shrine

Sen Nichi Mairi (Visiting For 1000 Days)' Of Atago Shrine

It's said, the visiting the shrine from the night of 7/31 to the morning of 8/1 equals to the divine grace for 1000days-visiting. Many visitors climb the 4km mountain path through the night. The talisman of '火迺要慎 (Hinoyo'ujin') is sold only here.
A main shrine of 900 Atago shrines all over Japan. It's located on the top of Atago Mountain which is the highest in the city. On the 900m way to the shrine, there're no bathroom nor vending machine for beverage, you need to prepare for mountain climbing.

Atago Shrine Info


1 Saga Atago-cho Ukyo-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto