Senso-ji Temple

Senso-ji Temple is one of the best places to travel in Taito-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. It's famous as the oldest temple in Tokyo and a spiritual power spot of the grace for fortunes. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Senso-ji Temple posted by Japanese travelers in the know. [last modified: ]


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Consecutive More Than 300 Years Since Edo Period. 'Toshino Ichi' Fair At The End Of The Year For Gorgeous Hagoita

The annual event held as a last fair of the year (in 2016, 3days on 12/17,18,19) at the site of Senso-ji Temple. People buy this gorgeous Oshie Hagoita for good health and fortune of the next year, and for talisman. Very crowded every year.

Lighted A Five Storied Pagoda And Hozo-mon Gate

Senso-ji Temple is a highlight of Asakusa sightseeing. Especially, illuminated pagoda and Hozo-mon produce a mysterious beauty that make us forget that we're in a big city.

Senso-ji Temple Is Not Only The Lantern! A Huge Straw Sandals At Hozomon Arch

Senso-ji Temple becomes so quiet and wrapped in a nice atmosphere at night, that the excitement of the daytime at Nakamise is not true. I found a very beautiful five-storied pagoda over the huge straw sandals at Hozomon Arch.
A huge straw sandal is 4.5 meters tall, 1.5 meters in width, and 500 kg in weight. Since the first dedication in 1941, it's the eighth one. It expresses the power of Nio, the god in Hozomon Arch, and people say that the devil who sees the huge sandals fears and goes away...

Illuminated Sensoji Temple In Asakusa

Sensoji Temple is a poplar tourist spot crowded with many people in daytime. But at night, there's few people. Why don't you visit Asakusa at night to see the beautiful lighted Sensoji Temple?

Asakusa's Symbol 'Kaminari-mon Gate'

Kaminari means thunder.



2-3-1 Asakusa, taito-ku, tokyo






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5 min walk from Asakusa Station


Nearby toll parking area is available



Nearby Things To Do

Art Aquarium

To Admire The Beauty Of Goldfish. The Extraordinary Room Of Lights & Water The Artists Created

Only in summer at Nihombashi, Art Aquarium make its appearance. Specializing on goldfish, many artistic aquariums to evoke the Japanese spirit get together. 'The superb beauty and experience of underwater' that presented by pioneers of water-art, shouldn't be missed.


The Best Roof Garden To See The Illuminated Tokyo Station

The night look of Tokyo Station is different from the day time. You can see the illuminated awesome Tokyo Station closer from the roof garden of the building 'KITTE'. It opens for free, so you can visit many times to take photos.

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

The Tokyo Sky Tree Night View Seen From The Observation Terrace

Illuminated Tokyo Sky Tree is also attractive. From an observation terrace of Asakusa Culture And Sightseeing Center, you enjoy the night view of Tokyo Sky Tree and around that.

World Trade Center Building

One of the Three Most Popular Night View Spots in Tokyo

The Observation Tower 'Seaside Top' is at 40th floor. Because the building stands near the Tokyo Tower, you can find that the wonderful composition of the night view as a piece of painting. And the room is a romantic mood and a best-kept secret. I recommend it for dating.

Tokyo Skytree

A Miniature Of A Big City

Very high, isn't it? The buildings look like cute miniatures. A panoramic scenery of the biggest city in Japan.

Tokyo Station

Breathtakingly Beautiful Reflection Of Tokyo Station Only After The Rain

This is a reflection of Tokyo Station that appears on only rainy days. Looking into the pools, there's the fantastic scenery like another country. People who have cameras, please visit Tokyo Station to take pictures of the reflections.

Otori Shrine

Annual Event Of Year's End! 'Tori-no Ichi' Filled With Gorgeous 'Kumade' Raking Up Good Fortunes

Otori Shine is the birth place of Tori-no Ichi Festival that is hold at the Cock days (one of the twelve daily signs) of November. Many people visit the shrine for rakes that gather the good fortunes and money in the coming year. Energetic hand-clapping and shouting 'business success' make me feel that I can really gather the good fortunes!

Tokyo Tower

A Little Known Shooting Spot For Tokyo Tower

Though Tokyo Tower is beautiful from every angles, I like this picture with unique atmosphere took at the parking area nearby. The parking area is located just near the entrance of 'Ukai', a kaisei restaurant of tofu.


Penguins Swim Freely! Japan's Biggest Tank Of An Inside Open Pool

We get excited at the penguins swimming very fast in the big pool! The attractive exhibition that we can feel the penguin's expression, gestures and voices nearby. Penguin fans must visit♪

Toyo Bunko Museum

Morrison’s Stacks With As Many As 24 Thousand Books In Toyo Bunko Museum

One of the five greatest libraries for Oriental studies, Toyo Bunko, and it has a museum of books. Among the exhibitions, Morrison's Stacks has impressive 24 thousand books, which is so much worth seeing.

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