• kanagawa
  • 6/4/1981
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Moving scenes, and food making you happy. Color our lives by easy journeys.

5 Travel Tips [1-5]


This is a specialty shop of meals of vegetables and pork grown in Atsugi cooked in cast iron STAUB. Their stewed cooking without water but only water contained in foodstuffs has full of good tastes. Simple but no lies, enjoy a time of luxury!


Small squirrels cheerfully running around welcome you! It's a rare facility where people can enter the place squirrels live naturally. You can feed directly and they come to ride your hands. Let's get refreshed by the lovely squirrels and beautiful nature!


A village you can enjoy the world of 'Heidi, Girl of the Alps'. You must be fascinated by the flowers and enjoy Swiss food! A pretty illustration on the hot doria of genuine Gruyère cheese and Emmental cheese.


Shonan Pizza of Chigasaki's young sardine, nori laver soaked in oil and good accentual sweet tomato. A good smell of the sea you can feel every bite is excellent so much with Shonan Beer!


A well-known spiritual power spot, Hase-dera Temple. Enjoy beautiful garden and then, pray solemnly. You can meet Jizo (a stone image of Jizo) at some places in the precinct and feel relaxed with this healing Jizo♪ Jizo with the power for good marriage is also popular here.