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  • 2/10/1975
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Where shold I go next…when you think like that, check my pages. I'm going tell the tips that make you want to leave right now.

17 Travel Tips [1-17]


The original Mujina-kun with a big nose is made similar to the shop owner. Bring buck your favorite one! With highly individualistic ideas, their handmade pierced earrings of Ryukyu glass are also sold well.


They adapt Okinawa tacos to pizza. With full of island's vegetables and taco sauce. It's excellent with the crisp dough♪ The restaurant has somehow familiar retro atmosphere. Enjoy, with gentle music.


This non-fried doughnut is made from Miyako Island's eggs and okara (made from soybean in the production of tofu). He spends time and effort to prepare with much of affection every morning. On the way of your journey, let's enjoy a healing time with health doughnuts and home-roasted coffee.


A shop of items made by young artists of Yamuchin, Okinawa's traditional earthenware. You would be moved all the more if you find your favorite because you can't meet them forever after. Inexpensive chopstick rests, rice bowls and plates are popular.


The room is designed naturally with a little blue in white. From the balcony, the whole view of red tiles, the famous traditional culture of Okinawa, and the blue ocean. You can see the most beautiful setting sun over the sea in front of you. Enjoy the peaceful Okinawa's time♪


Tori-ike Pond is said to have been formed by erosion the limestone cave by rain and waves. Both these ponds are connected by the underground tunnel, and this spot is popular among divers. The sea side pond links with the open sea. Its beep color seems to shallow us up and fascinates tourists.


This highlands hotel has a dynamic well-style hall from the front to the ceiling. The Nordic interiors make us feel to be in other country. It's also attractive for us to be able to go to the ski slope in just 10 minutes on foot.


A local food that explode the image of 'a retro town Hakodate'. The most popular one loved by also the local people, Chinese Chicken Burger with spicy deep fried chicken bigger than buns is very good!


Mt.Hakodate's observatory restaurant Genova offers Hakodate's seafood like squids and specialty, Matsumae-zuke. Also you can enjoy the changing scenery until it gets dark. At the time you finish dinner, the awesome night view spreads in front of you! I was deeply moved and couldn't say anything else.


The second president of Nikko Kanaya Hotel made this garden for his daughter as a nursing home. And it's opened for a limited term. The garden as large as 3.3ha shows the beautiful scenes that change every seasons. Only the garden is opened to the public, not a villa, and on fourth Saturday and Sunday between April and November.


There's a café renovated from a Shinto priest's lodging in the site for two shrines and one temple. Temple and shrine carpenters colored the inside that makes us to be in a shrine. Let's take a rest with a cup of coffee.


Among the stations of Enoshima Electric Railway, Kamakura Kouko-mae St. is the nearest to the sea. The tasteful scene is often used for location shoots, and has a retro mood, somehow.


Ann of Green Gables' is a motif of this house, and they have gathered the nice antique goods. YUKI, a singer of JUDY AND MARY, has loved this chiffon cake, which is very fluffy. They said, she had taken a window seat and written the lyrics.


Hakodate is related to people lived in the end of Edo era such as Ryoma Sakamoto. You can learn about the stories of Goryokaku that now become the wonderful view.


Established more than 70 years ago, Men-chubo Ajisai. This main store prepares the original stock soup of tangles mainly, pig-bone and chicken-bone broth with it. This full-bodied and shining gold soup is excellent with the noodles.


Kyoto's specialty is yu-dofu; soybean soft curd warmed gently in hot water. Therefore, I had wanted to eat once at 'Okutan' with a long and honorable history. Their specialty is own made 'Mukashi Dofu' used natural bittern; a coagulant extracted from seawater. It remains the firmness (tofu usually becomes soft after it boiled) and taste of soybeans.


Tosho-gu with various carvings is a representative building in Japan and registered as a World Heritage. Youmei-mon gate is said to be full of the earth power, and you can get luck for the relationship with your neighbors and for your jobs.