• tokyo
  • 2/20/1988
  • F

I go out for 'doing nothing'. I feel maturity of myself every time I travel. For me, traveling is learning.

4 Travel Tips [1-4]


An architecture Takeshi Hosaka's design. A spacious room with 300 seats in a building like cloud. 'Houtou' has handmade noodle in soup seasoned to miso tastes. With a secret spice, you can enjoy different taste. It's certain for you to become addicted the unsophisticated but deep taste once you eat it.


There're many general goods about travel in a small building renovated from a paper processing works. At a rest area on the second floor, you can drink a coffee specially roasted for the shop. The exciting room waits you ahead of the door.


Fuji Fuketsu (a lava tunnel)' designated as a natural treasure is located in Aokigahara Forest. In the cave, it's always kept 0℃ and has many mysterious icicles. I found many things that I had never knew in the explanation by the local guide! You can bring back the interesting stories.


A relaxing room located on a hill with the view of Yokohama. Among 15-20 seats, I like the terrace seats where I can feel relaxed with comfortable breeze. You can feel yourselves at home because the employees are the residents of a share-house under the tree-house.