Higashi Chaya District
kanazawa-shi, ishikawa

Higashi Chaya District


Higashiyama, kanazawa-shi, ishikawa



A Tasteful Chaya-gai You Can Enjoy Shopping And Café Time

Higashi chaya-gai is the most famous of the three chaya-gai districts in Kanazawa. Pretty cafes and shops stand in a line like an old castle town. Ocha-ya that says 'First-time Customers Refused' at night, opens as a café in the daytime and you can enter in the shop.

Kanazawa's Great Spot For Photos! Higashi Chayagai Looks Excellent With Kimono

Higashi Chayagai District is the largest one of the three Chayagai Districts in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. There're beautiful houses with traditional wooden fences and red walls. And they're very photogenic with Japanese Kimono! You can also enjoy lunch and cafe at Higashi Chayagai.
I recommend to use rental kimono shop and walk in Higashi Chayagai in Kimono. I rented kimono at 'Kokoyui' this time.

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