Irabu Bridge

Irabu Bridge is one of the best places to travel in Irabujima Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Irabu Bridge posted by Japanese travelers in the know. [last modified: ]



The Longest Toll-Free Bridge in Japan on the Ira-Blue Sea

The longest toll-free bridge between Miyako island and Irabu island in Japan opened on January 31, 2015. You can enjoy driving while seeing the ocean called Ira-Blue.



Irabu, miyakojima-shi, okinawa


Car: 12min from Miyako Airport



Nearby Things To Do

Toguchi-no Hama Beach

The White and Smooth Beach on which You can Walk Barefoot and the Clear Water, Like a Paradise

The beautiful beach makes me disbelieve my own eyes. 'Toguchi no Hama' is said to be the most beautiful beach in Irabu Island. So, it's like a paradise with white sand.

Yonaha Maehama Beach

Yonaha-maehama Beach, The Best Beach In The East

The most beautiful beach in the East under the huge sky without any obstructions. The nice view of the bridge connecting Kurima-jima Island is also attractive. As the sun shines strongly, the beautiful color of the water appears. But in the off-season, you can enjoy beach combing.

Blue Cave Irabu Island

A Blue Cave in Irabu Island that is Miraculous Transparency and Leads You to the Fantastic World

There are some blue caves in Japan but one of them in Irabu island is the most transparent. I felt like coming to the fantastic world.

Triangular Point Of Irabu Island

Irabu Island Has the Blue Superb View Called Ira-Blue

The view spot attracts many people the most in Irablu island. The ocean view called Ira Blue is amazing, and seen only in Irabu island.


Sanctuary Cave with Holy Energy, So You Should Worship before Entering

It is difficult to visit here without guide. Roots of Indian laurel dangle and sunbeams come through the leaves in the sanctuary cave. And you should worship before entering because it is a spiritual place and was also a air‐raid shelter.

Sunayama Beach

Fantastic Miyako-Blue Appears Over a Sand Hill

It is one of the most representative beaches in Miyakojima Island. White sands which are comfortable for sole, and the emerald blue of the sea called Miyako-blue. When you come over the sand hill, you will be surprised to seeing this ocean view.

Sabautsuga Well

123 Steep Steps Of Irabu Island's History. A Well & Great View Under The Steps

Under the steep steps, there's a well called 'Sabautsuga' and it's a well of piled stones that had been used for more than 240 years. I want you to look also the artistic walls and heart rocks of Irabu here.

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