Cafe Chuzaemon

Cafe Chuzaemon is one of the best restaurants to travel in Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Cafe Chuzaemon posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Attraction Of Cafe Chuzaemon

The Original Drink with Island Fine View

The cafe makes many original drinks such as perilla soda, citrus jam soda and freshly squeezed fruit juice. So you can drink it with island view.

The Olive Pasta Made by Specialty Method 'Tenobe' which is Enchanted Texture and Eaten Only Here

A craftsman makes the high-quality olive noodle carefully by traditional method 'Tenobe' of Shodoshima Island. It is enchanted texture and the outside is soft and the center is sticky. So, the original olive pasta with local ingredients is delicious.

The Hishio-Bowl that Has Many Local Ingredients Seasoned with Soy Sauce and Olive Oil in Shodoshima Island

Shodoshima-island has history of making soy sauce. The healthy and delicious bowl has vegetables and fishes of the island seasoned with the high-quality soy sauce and homemade olive oil mixed garlic and red pepper.

The Special Terrace Seats in the Island! By Your Sight and Taste, You Can Feel the Shodoshima Island Air From this Refreshing Seats

The sky, sea, mountains and olive farm. Calm air you can feel from this seat.

Stylish Cafe Inside the Olive Farm in Shodoshima Island

If you visit Shodoshima island, you have to eat a olive. I highly recommend the cafe 'Chuzaemon' managed by an olive farm. They have nice foods uses olives and stylish decor with good island view.

Cafe Chuzaemon Info


2267-5 Ikeda Shodoshima-cho, shozu-gun, kagawa