Tenryu Temple

Attraction Of Tenryu Temple

Japan's First Historic Site and Special Place of Scenic Beauty 'Sogen-chi Garden'

Tenryuji-temple is famous for the beautiful Japanese garden. This garden is Japan's First Historic Site and Special Place of Scenic Beauty. And I always feel Japanese elegance from the garden with a pond in the center and Arashiyama in the background.

Look Inside Of Yourself And Make Strong Mind At A Stone Garden Of Kyoto's Zen Temple

In the cool air of the early morning in late autumn. Can you find the beauty of the natural garden and how you should be? It's not bad to look for something 'lovely', but let's stretch your back at a simple place once in a while.
A famous picture of Daruma and a ceiling picture of Dragon are also interesting. Visiting in early morning, you can see them without congestion.

Scenes In Four Seasons Of The World Heritage


The Healing Road in Bamboo Forest

This road in bamboo forest from Tenryuji-tample is one of representative scenery in Arashiyama. It's the Healing Road.

Good Fortune By Mame-maki & Walking Around The Seven Deities! Setsubun-kai At A World Heritage Site

Here is not an ordinary Setsubun-kai, people walk around the pagodas of Zen Buddhism and gather the charms of the Seven Deities. There're many people with 'good luck bamboo grass' in their hands at the precinct. The sponsors throw roasted beans (mame-maki) and say 'in with fortune' (huku wa uchi). Let's take in lots of good fortune!

Tenryu Temple Info


68 Sagatenryu-ji Susukinobaba-cho Ukyo-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto





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