Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine

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Huge Existence We Can See From A Distance! Japan's Biggest Torii Gate Standing On The Site Of A Former Shrine Building

Kumano Hongu Taisha is popular as a spiritual power spot. A Torii Gate at 'Oyunohara' isolated from the main shrine, is 33.9m high and 42m wide, the biggest one in Japan. A former shrine was used to stand here, a sacred place, and we can feel the energy of earth and prayers of predecessors.

Japan's Biggest One! Very Impressive Torii Arch Standing With Innumerable Stars In The Sky

The biggest torii arch stands at Oyunohara where Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine was once located. The great torii in the nature is very impressive and cannot be ignored. What's more, the starry sky is also very beautiful, and I was moved by the Milky Way that was able to see with the naked eyes.

A World Heritage ' Sacred Places In Kii Mountain Country And The Approach To The Shrine'

The building resistered as a national important cultural asset, and the Torii gate is the highest in Japan. Many things worth seeing.

A Genuine Yata-garasu, A Symbol Of The Japan Professional Football League

Yata-garasu (a crow) is said to ne a messenger of the god and lead the Emperor Kanmu who unified Japan. As a god of leading, it becomes a symbol of soccer in Japan.



1110 Hongu Hongu-cho, tanabe-shi, wakayama






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By train, 130 min from Kyoto or Osaka Station to Kii-tanabe Staron, then take bus for 120 min to Hongutaisha. By bus, 60 min from Shingu Station to Hongutaisha. By car, 140 min from Wakayama city, 200 min from Nagoya city, or 180 min from Osaka city. Free parking area is available.



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