Ise Jingu Shrine [Kotai Jingu]

Ise Jingu Shrine [Kotai Jingu] is one of the best places to travel in Ise-shi, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Ise Jingu Shrine [Kotai Jingu] posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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A Spiritual Spot, Naigu Pond And Carp

Your wish may come true, if you set the photo for a standby screen of your phone. Red-white carp is for a lucky with love, and gold one for money.

Isuzu River, A Place For Washing Your Hands

People make their hands and mouths pure here before they enter the shrine. The river is said to become clear soon after raining all night long. It's the holy stream flowing in the holy place.

Attention! A Stone You Mustn't Tread On

On the stairs between Syogu and Aramatsuri-no miya. It's in a little this side of the photo you see. I refused to take a picture of it.. The 14th stone from the bottom, a crack appears like a letter '天'. I'm so afraid of it!

Uji-bashi Bridge With Two Spiritual Spots

On your way home (must walk right side), a charm prayed for the safe of the bridge is in a Giboshi standing second from the end. If you touch it, thousands of costomers will come! And if you tread the board under it, you will be lucky with money!

Okage Yokocho Street In Front Of Ise Naiku

The town revived the time of Edo period. You can enjoy an eating tour and looking for souvenirs.

The Holiest Shrine In Japan's History Of 2000 Years

Very holy atomosphere surrounded by ancient forest. At Shogu, you can pray for like the world's peace, but you can pray a private wish at a building called Aramatsuri-no miya.

Aramatsuri-no Miya

Although praying private wishes at Shogu of Ise Jingu Shrine is NG, you can do here at Aramatsuri-no Miya.

A Huge Cedar Tree Standing Strongly

The long approach leads into the ceder trees that are over 300 years old.



1 Ujita-cho, ise-shi, mie







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Ise Jingu Shrine [Toyouke Daijingu]

A Leafy Approach, And A Beautiful Shogu

Geku of Ise Jingu shrine. Toyouke Daijin is a god for all kinds of industry such as food, clothing and shelter. Meals for gods are started to cook here by making a fire everyday.


The Forest Of Ise Shrine Seen From The Shin-bashi Bridge Across The Isuzu River

Seen right is the back side of Oharai-cho, and there's a walking pass along the Isuzu River. It's the very refreshing scene with a forest and a river. Shin-bashi bridge is behind of the Akafuku shop.

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