Taira-ike Pond (Clumping Kakitsubata Iris)

Taira-ike Pond is one of the best places to travel in Takashima, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.  It's famous for Kakitsubata Iris that becomes the best to see in early June. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Taira-ike Pond posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]


Fantastic Scenery At A Small Pond In Mountain Depth

Wild irises grow at a small pond located in the depths of the mountain where my phone becomes out of range. I found the morning mist laying all around, and the fantastic scenery dominated the world.



2405-1 Fukashimizu Imazu-cho, takashima-shi, shiga


30 min by car or taxi from JR Omi Imazu Station. 80 min by car from Otsu city. Parking area is available at Villagedest Imazu.



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Metasequoia Avenue

2.5 Kilometers Road Of Beautiful Metasequoia Avenue, One Of The 100 Most Scenic Roadside Trees In Japan

The Metasequoia Avenue is beautiful every season. Specially in summer, you can see the wonderful scenery of shining greens and the zebra road weaved by lights and shadows.

A Hill With Lake Biwa View

Clear Sky And Lake Biwa Spread Out Before You! Beautiful View From 630 Meters Altitude

An observatory built lately in the site of Hakodateyama Lily Park. You can sit the steps and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Biwa. Also, it's a photogenic place you can take pictures of you having the beautiful view all to yourself.

Momiji Pond

Beautiful Reflection As If It's About To Take Us In

In the quiet mountain depth, I was fascinated with the beautiful deep greens and the completely reflected world on the water surface. Don't you notice if it's reversed, do you?

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