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Specialty Of Kanazawa 'Seared Yellowtail' Known To People In The Know

A local specialty, Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) which I had for the first time in Kanazawa, is so delicious that I want to tell my friends! At this restaurant, you can taste both of savory seared surface and sashimi with just enough fat. What's more, additional Rosy Seabass (Nodoguro) makes me satisfied very much.
Ushioya is an originator of Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) in Kanazawa, Japan. They use rare salt made from the sea water of Noto Peninsula, and sear it by hand. Ushioya has its restaurants at Higashi Chayagai and Omi-cho Market.

Lunch At Higashi Chayagai, Kanazawa! Rice Bowl Of Special Seafood With Seared Yellowtail

At a restaurant 'Ushioya' in Higashi Chayagai District, Kanazawa, you can eat Donburi (rice bowl) and Zosui (rice porridge) of seafood caught in Ishikawa Prefecture. I ordered Ushioya Special Set for which the chef decides the seafood on that day. That was a really gorgeous Donburi with their specialty Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) and sea urchin egg!
Ushioya is an originator of Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) in Kanazawa, Japan. Rice bowl of Seared Yellowtail which is the best seller, and Rosy Seabass with rice in soup stock (Nodoguro Chazuke), and so on. I love the seafood of the Sea of Japan!

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1-7-9 Higashiyama, kanazawa-shi, ishikawa









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