Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

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Sake Attractions At Its Brewers In Fushimi, Kyoto

Fushimi, Kyoto is a town of sake brewers since the old times. A museum of Gekkeikan, a famous brewer, you can learn about sake making and drink spring water used as an important stuff. What's more, you can taste sake and get souvenirs, sake loving people must be excited!
Open: 9:30-16:30 Entrance fee: 300yen People more then 20 years old can get Junmai Sake 180ml as a souvenir.



247 Minamihama-cho Fushimi-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto


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Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

The Sanctuary Tunnel 'Senbon Torii' Made of Thousands of Shrine Gates

The Shrine Gates Tunnel is mystic and seems a road to another world. The sightseeing spot is one of the most popular ones in Japan among foreign tourists.

Toji Temple

Excellent With A Fivefold Pagoda! A Illuminated Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

You can go to Toji Temple from the Kyoto station on foot. The fivefold pagoda is highest in Japan and a popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto. Moreover, you can see a Shidare Zakura, a weeping cherry tree in spring. Illuminated cherry blossoms at night are very fantastic.

Kyoto Aquarium

Jellyfish Fans Shouldn't Miss! An Interactive Art Of Kyoto Aquarium

A lots of jellyfish appeared in aromatic and dark room create a very fantasy world with unexpected light effects. How about being healed by the swinging jellyfish in this winter?


A Phoenix Hall, A World Heritage Floating On The Lake

A palace built in a small island on the lake. A unique world heritage of gorgeous building that symbolize Fujiwara Sekkan Era. You should see the shrine once that is famous for Japanese coin of 10 yen. Moreover it became brighter after the repair.

Kiyomizu Temple

A Blue Light Going Through The Sky

Kiyomizu Temple, an unmissable spot for sightseeing in Kyoto. During the special honor of visiting held three times in a year, the blue light goes through the sky in Kyoto. This light, they says, expresses the mercy of Kwannon.

Fushimi Jikkoku-bune Boat

Jikkoku-bune Boat Going Slowly Between The Full-bloom Cherry Blossoms & Willow Trees

From the end of May, the cruise of Jikkoku-bune Boat start at Fushimi in Kyoto. You can enjoy the seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms and willow trees, and the tasteful townscape of Fushimi.

Zuishin-in Temple

Vivid Painting On Sliding Doors As A Contemporary Art

Zuishin-in Temple is said to have a connection with Onono Komachi (a poet in Heian Period who was a celestial beauty in Japan), and has some historical sites in its precinct. Among them, Fushuma-e (a painting on Japanese sliding doors) named 'Gokusaisiki Baikou Komachi Ezu (Colorful Plum Scent Komachi Picture), that expresses the life of Onono Komachi who stayed this temple in her later years.

Komyo-ji Temple

Komyo-ji Temple Filled With Fresh Greens

Komyo-ji Temple is well known for its autumn colored leaves. Now, it has a stunning view of fresh greens covering all over the temple.

Daigoji Temple

Cherry Blossoms At Daigo Temple, Well Known As Taiko Hideyoshi's Cherry Blossom Viewing At Daigo

A famous spot for cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto. A festival 'Ho-taiko cherry blossom viewing parade' is held every year on the second Sunday in April. You shouldn't miss Sanboin's beautiful circuit style garden designed by Hideyoshi himself. Ho-taiko is an another name of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

the Terminal KYOTO

The Typical Kyoto House! Wonderful Garden& Quiet Room For Tea

Although a casual outside appearance that we don't recognize and go past, it has a wonderful tea room in the depth. You can have a quiet and slow time with delicious tea & sweets. They open in the morning, but only a few people know it!

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