Takeda Castle Remains
asago-shi, hyogo

Takeda Castle Remains


Takeda Wadayama-cho, asago-shi, hyogo



Takeda Castle In The Sea Of Clouds

Takeda Castle floating on the sea of clouds is really a wonderful view we must see once in our lives! Though you need to climb the mountain to both the Takeda Castle remains and Ritsu'unkyo Valley, the moving scenery will blow your sleepiness and tiredness away! What's more, in summer, you can see the beautiful view like Ghibli movie 'Castle In The Sky' with lush greens.
The sea of clouds will appear in the early morning (from dawn to 8:00) between September and November. To see the whole view of Takeda Castle, you need to prepare mountain-climbing boots and flashlights. The open hour changes by seasons, please check out the official HP for sure beforehand.

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