Han'nya-ji Temple

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A Photogenic Cosmos Temple To Visit In Autumn

Han'nya-ji Temple is well known as a cosmos temple. From September to November, there're 150 thousand and 30 kinds of cosmos are in bloom. It's very photogenic to take pictures of a temple and 13 storied stone pagoda over the cosmos!
Parking lot is free during weekdays. On holidays, one car for 1 hour will be free, but more than that, you need 500yen.



221 Han'nyaji-cho, nara-shi, nara


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Nearby Things To Do

Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Only The Term Of Shikinen-zoutai! Cute White-deer Oracle Of Kasuga-taisha Shrine

Carving deer with an oracle (omikuji) in its mouth is popular, but a white-deer oracle given only during Shikinen-zoutai (repair of the shrine) is talked about its cuteness. Harry up, it's going to end in a short time!

Genkuro Inari-jinja Shrine

Made 100 Yeas Ago! 'Yamatona Hina Festival' With Lots Of Hina Dolls

At 'Yamato Hina festival' held by the whole town, there're many hina dolls displayed in a shrine office. Such as hanging hina dolls and some made 100 years ago, they're worth seeing. You'll be attracted to the flowery scene in the slight aroma of plum blossoms.

Heijo Palace

Heijokyo Tempyo Festival At Heijo Palace Once Used Be A Capital

Summer festival held at a vast site of Heijo Palace. This summer, the lighting event 'TOUKAE' was held at night, the sky changing its color every moment and the fantastic candle lights are wonderful. Look forward to this event in autumn, too!

Todaiji Nigatsu-dou

Beautiful Evening Glow At Todaiji Nigatsu-dou In Ancient Nara

Through Nara Park, the evening glow in the cloister of Todaiji Temple's Nigatsudou is really amazing! With the beautiful lights of lanterns, you can surrender yourselves to the tranquil time, and it makes your hearts pure.

Nara Prison

Japan's Oldest Prison Registered As An Important Cultural Asset

Impressive atmosphere of brick building. It was built more than 100 years ago, and it's the only one existing among 'five great prisons in Meiji Period'. It was used actually up to a few months ago, and will leave the old and good parts to be used for a historical hall from now on.

Himuro Shrine

Ice Oracle At Himuro Shrine, A God Of Ice

Himuro Shrine in Nara Prefecture, you can draw an 'Ice Oracle (Kori Mikuji)' that is rare for other shrines. Putting the white paper on ice... Wow!? The letters are appearing! Let's have an exciting experience.

Nara Tōkae Festival

Amazing Scenery Created By Supporters

At the evening, the supporters lighted the candles one by one, and created this fantastic scenery we rarely seen. The candles are lighted all over Nara Park.

Mt. Wakakusa

New Japan's Three Best Night Views, The Wide View From Mt. Wakakusa

From the top of Mt. Wakakusa, you can see the wide night view of Nara City. It's selected as one of the New Japan's Three Best Night Views.

Nara Park

So Many Wild Deer As A National Natural Treasure

In a large park, you can see many wild deer here and there! Please enjoy feeding them shika-sembei (cracker for deer), touching and stroking gently, and taking pictures with them.

Todaiji Temple

The Largest Wooden Structure In The World, Daibutsu-den

It represents the prosperity in Nara Era (around the 700s). In the building, a large monumental image of Buddha is installed and many people visit here. It's said that it was larger before burnt down.

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