Mandara Yuen

Attraction Of Mandara Yuen

Only 400yen! Unprecedented experience Of Hell In Toyama

Somebody say 'fall into the pits of hell if you behave like that!', but you can experience the hell actually at Mandara Yuen of Tateyama Museum Of Toyama. Being excited and sweating with fear, you can enjoy the fearer time than a haunted house.

If You Feel Stress, Go To A Light Heaven In Toyama

If you want to see the heaven before you die, visit 'Mandara Yuen' in Tateyama, Toyama. An egg-shaped dome at 'Heaven Zone' reproduces mother's womb. It was so comfortable that I became sleepy… It's a kind of supreme healing!

Mandara Yuen Info


15 Furuyashiki Ashikuraji Tateyama-machi, nakaniikawa-gun, toyama



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