Rurikoin Temple

Rurikoin Temple is one of the best places to travel in Higashiyama, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It's famous for the amazing scenery of autumn colors in mid November and fresh greens in spring. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Rurikoin Temple posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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Beautiful Reflection Of Green Maple Leaves On The Table Top

The spring special visiting is opened till 6/15 in 2018. The relaxing room extends here. The table room, which has been a hot topic in SNS, you can see various reflections from different directions. And, it's so gorgeous and beautiful.

Ruriko-in Temple's Breathtaking Reflection Designed By Japanese Maple Leaves

A famous place for maple leaves viewing, Ruriko-in Temple has terms of special visiting for a few months in spring and autumn. You can see the beautiful green leaves in spring, and colorful ones in autumn. The reflections on the floor and desk is so wonderful!
The special visiting of autumn in 2017 is 10/1~12/10 Entrance fee: 2000yen

Beautiful Fresh Green Momiji! Spring Special Visiting Of Rurikoin Temple In Kyoto

Kyoto Rurikoin Temple, celebrated for the spring fresh greens and autumn colors of Japanese maple leaves, has special visiting in spring. For two months you can see the beautiful reflections of fresh greens at Ruri Garden from a study-room at second floor.
The special visiting in 2018 is from 4/15-6/15. At Rurikoin Temple, you can try hand-copying of a sutra, and get Goshuin that you can write the date by yourself. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00. Admission fee: 2000 yen



55 Higashiyama Kamitakano Sakyo-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto


Adult 2000 yen、Child 0 yen


5 min walk from Yase Hieizan-guchi Station, 5 min walk from Yase Station. By bus, 50 min from Kyoto Station to Yase Station, then 7 min walk.


Nearby toll parking area is available



Nearby Things To Do

Shoren-in Monzeki

Faint Lights Floating On A Japanese Garden! Blue Flickering Illumination

Shoren-in temple holds special night visits every spring and autumn. During the term, everywhere in the garden is illuminated. Beside Shinden, you can see the garden covered with flickering lights like fireflies.

Eikando Zenrin-ji

Autumn In Kyoto. Must Visit 'Japanese Scarlet Maple Leaves Of Eikando'

Japanese maple tree is called 'momiji'. In Kyoto, Eikando Zenrin-ji Temple is well known for its scarlet 'momiji'. You can have a feeling that impressive red and yellow fill up all of your sight.

Shogunzuka Seiryu-den

A Glass Tea House & A Panoramic View Of Kyoto City

Not only the city view, a designer Tokujin Yoshioka's '光庵' (KOU-AN) Glass Tea House is exhibited for a limited time on the stage more than 4 times as large as that of famous Kiyomizu Temple. You must see it shining brightly in seven colors!

Enko-ji Temple

Beautiful Frame Garden Like An Autumn Colored Picture

Enko-ji Temple has become popular for its autumn colors. The beautiful green garden in summer becomes more beautiful with many colors in autumn. During the term of maple leaves falling, a red carpet will appear around the Jizo♡

Gion Matsuri Festival

Japanese Summer Festival Since 1150 Years Ago, For Which 200 Thousand People Get Together Every Year

You can enjoy Gion-bayashi (traditional festival music), Yamahoko floats that are hardly seen, and food stalls! The main Shijo Street becomes pedestrian precinct from Horikawa to Higashi-Oji.

Nanzen-ji Temple

Waterway Bridges In A Temple!? A Chain Of Retro & Beautiful Arches

Nanzen-ji Suiro-kaku is a part of Biwa Lake Canal to bring the water to Kyoto from Biwa Lake. The beautiful arched bridges built of bricks considered the temple scenery and were designed in Meiji Era. They bring the water now in active service.

Kifune Shrine

The Shrine Steps Enveloped In Fresh Greens

Kifune Shrine changes its appearance in each season. From spring to summer, you can see the lively scenery of fresh green.

Kyoto Ohara Sanzen-in Temple

A Mossy Garden Of Sanzen-in Temple With A Child Jizo Can Heal Our Mind

Sanzen-in Temple is located at Kyoto Ohara where has the beautiful nature in each season. Its garden is covered with moss and you can leave the daily life in front of the beautiful and comfortable scenery. A lovely Warabe Jizo (a stone image with child face) makes us feel at ease.

Mt.Nyoi-ga Dake (Daimon-ji Yama)

The Mountain '大' Of Daimon-ji Gozan Okuribi Is Nice For Hiking With A Superb View Of Kyoto

Mt. Daimonji, famous for the August festival 'Gozan Okuribi', is popular as an easy hiking spot. From 'hidoko' a fireplace, you can see the whole view of Kyoto, and it could make you feel refreshed!

Ginkakuji Temple

A Silver Sand Like Waving in the Beautiful Japanese Garden

Different from Kanauji Temple, Ginkakuji has understated but powerful atmosphere. Ginsyadan is sketched the surf scenery, the sand hill is called Mukougetu-dai. They make me feel the aesthetic sense of Higashiyama Culture(around 1483).

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