Shikoku Karst Tengu Kogen Highlands

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Grand View Of The Highest Karst In Japan

One of the three big karsts in Japan, Shikoku Karst lies in 1400 meters above, which is the highest, and spreads both Ehime and Kochi. On the side of Kochi, Tengu Kogen (Highlands) has lush pampas grass and limestone rocks, the mountain chain in the behind. You can enjoy the great nature in the sky!
On the Route 383 from Kochi, 5min by car after going through Tengu-sou. There're parking space for about 10 cars on the left side. And climb on foot about 3min.


Shikoku Karst Tengu Kogen Highlands
Otsu Yoshiuno Tsuno-cho, takaoka-gun, kochi
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