Houkoku-ji Temple

Houkoku-ji Temple is one of the best places to travel in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, opening hours, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Houkoku-ji Temple posted by Japanese travelers in the know. Admission Fee: 200 yen[last modified: ]

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Beautiful Bamboo Grove In Houkoku-ji Temple

Houkoku-ji is celebrated for the beautiful bamboo grove in the precinct. You can enjoy walking in the grove, and in addition, a green-tea time in the sight of beautiful bamboo is so wonderful.

A Healing Place Of Fantastic Bamboo Grove

Leave the east gate of Kamakura Station, take the bus at the 5th bus stop, and get off at the 'Jomyo-ji', then walk 2min. The bamboo grove appearing after a little steep slope. I recommend to take a walk wearing 'yukata' in this 'THE' Japanese space. You can rent yukata.

2000 Beautiful Bamboo Named Meng Zong, & Green Tea In This Garden

The path in bamboo grove wrapped in quietness. Looking up the bamboo in the sky, there's the play of sunlight through them. They're so beautiful that I want to watch them for a longer time. And, green tea and Japanese sweets to eat with peaceful minds in this garden. You can see also camellia with bamboo till around April.
Kamakura Station East Gate bus stop No.5. Jomyoji bus stop, walk 3min, Entrance fee: 200yen, green tea and sweets required more 500yen.



2-7-4 Jomyoji, kamakura-shi, kanagawa






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By car, 10min from Asahina IC, 7min from Kamakura Station. By bus, 8min from Kamakura Station, get off at 'Jomyoji Temple', then walk 3min.



Nearby Things To Do

Meigetsuin Temple

A Temple Of Hydrangeas

In June, there are 2500 trees of hydrangeas blooming at the approach and the precincts of the temple. They choose the breed and the color of hydrangeas. Because of that, I feel the dignified and modest beauty. The scenery was like a very color of Japanese rainy season.

Hase-dera Temple

A Healing Jizo Image Standing Calmly In The Garden With Seasonal Flowers & Trees

A well-known spiritual power spot, Hase-dera Temple. Enjoy beautiful garden and then, pray solemnly. You can meet Jizo (a stone image of Jizo) at some places in the precinct and feel relaxed with this healing Jizo♪ Jizo with the power for good marriage is also popular here.

Kamakura Kouko-mae Station, Enoshima Electric Railway

A Seafront Station Of Enoden. A Retro Flavor And A Leisurely Scene

Among the stations of Enoshima Electric Railway, Kamakura Kouko-mae St. is the nearest to the sea. The tasteful scene is often used for location shoots, and has a retro mood, somehow.

Yuigahama Beach

Shonan Before Swimming Summer. Heaven For Surfers

At Yuiga-hama seashore, many people enjoy surfing all day thorough the year except for swimming season between July and August. You can also enjoy body boat enough even during the swimmable time.

Zushi Marina

Palm Trees Like California!

You can access within one and a half hours from Tokyo, but you can feel like to come in southern islands. I think there're no other places to see so many palm trees. It's very good when you want to be refreshed.


Who Made? Why? A Mysterious Buddha Statue With Many Vicissitudes

Kamakura's symbol and well-known second statue of Buddha of Kotoku-in. It struck by disasters many times, and there's few materials to know its birth. It attracts us mysteriously.

Hase Station

Cool Enoden Train Going Through The Side Of Hydrangeas

It's very instagenic spot where there's always crowd of people! The shocking pink hydrangea is rare, isn't it? The collaboration of Enoden train and flowers is very photogenic.

Engaku-ji Temple

A Great Writer Also Trained! A Medieval Precinct & Historical Zen Meditation

This temple, located in quiet North Kamakura, is famous for a great writer Natsume Soseki's visiting. Going through the temple gate which was written in a novel 'Mon 門', the orderly precinct has had the historical atmosphere since the ancient times. They hold various events of Zen meditation, why don't you join?

Jojuin Temple

The Sea Of Hydrangea Has Disappeared Though, The Wonderful Scenery Of Kamakura Bay

Jojuin Temple has gave up the hydrangeas though, you don't have to be disappointed. You can see the whole scenery of Kamakura Bay more safety and leisurely than before. Please enjoy the view from Gokurakuji-saka Kiridoshi street that is nearest to the sea!

Daigyo-ji Temple

Small But Flowery Temple Located Near Kamakura Station

Although it's a small temple you can walk through in a minute, there're many seasonal flowers here and there in the precinct. These well-kept flowers and plants take us to the otherworldly place.

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