Yata-dera Temple

Yata-dera Temple is one of the best places to travel in Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Yata-dera Temple posted by Japanese travelers in the know. [last modified: ]


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Hydrangeas As Far As The Eye Can See! Hydrangea Temple With 60 Kinds & 10 Thousand Trees

Famed as a hydrangea temple in Nara, Yata-dera has as many as 10 thousand trees and 60 kinds of hydrangeas including rare ones. We never get tired of watching the differences between the kind at a sample garden.
Season: from June to the beginning of July every year, they open a hydrangea garden. Hydrangeas spreading toward the mountain are worth seeing. Many visitors come from other prefectures since Yata-dera has various kinds.

Colorful Scenery Weaved With Hydrangeas Everywhere

Yata-dera is renown as a hydrangea temple. There're 60 kinds and 10 thousand of hydrangeas bloom in the precinct, and I can feel relaxed just looking at them.
There're long steps on the way to Yata-dera Temple. you need to wear the easy-walking shoes.



3549 Yata-cho, yamatokoriyama-shi, nara




20 min by bus from Kintetsu Koriyama Station to Yatadera. 25 min by car from Nara city. Parking area is available.



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Mt. Ikoma Houzan-ji Temple

A Temple For Businness Prosperity With Vast Precinct & Retro Atmosphere

It's called 'Shoten-san' and has been familiar to the peoplle in Ikoma. Such as ranging lanterns and the city scenery under the shrine, you can enjoy Ikoma Mountain enough at only here, You can also pray for the good marriage and giving up drinking.

Genkuro Inari-jinja Shrine

Made 100 Yeas Ago! 'Yamatona Hina Festival' With Lots Of Hina Dolls

At 'Yamato Hina festival' held by the whole town, there're many hina dolls displayed in a shrine office. Such as hanging hina dolls and some made 100 years ago, they're worth seeing. You'll be attracted to the flowery scene in the slight aroma of plum blossoms.

Heijo Palace

Heijokyo Tempyo Festival At Heijo Palace Once Used Be A Capital

Summer festival held at a vast site of Heijo Palace. This summer, the lighting event 'TOUKAE' was held at night, the sky changing its color every moment and the fantastic candle lights are wonderful. Look forward to this event in autumn, too!

Shigi Ikoma Skyline

The Night View Of Osaka From A Panorama Observatory

I took this picture at evening when the town started to light. You can enjoy seeing the evening glow and the night view together.

Houki-ji Temple

The Oldest Three-storied Pagoda! A World Heritage & Sunset & Cosmos

Houki-ji Temple is a world heritage and has an oldest three-storied pagoda in Japan. Many camera-lovers get together to take pictures of the pagoda glowing in the setting sun! In autumn, colorful cosmos are in full bloom at fallow fields around the temple, so you can see the pagoda in collaboration with cosmos!

Narukawa Park

White, Red And Pink Hirado Azalea Blooming At Both Sides Of Hiking Road

From Rakuraku Center House, beside the parking area, 40 min walk along the hiking road by my foot. There're proudly blooming Hirado Azalea in front of our eyes.

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