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The Local Somen Noodle With A Difference! Tasty & Green Olive Somen

It's a restaurant in Shodoshima Olive Garden. Shodoshima Island is a birthplace of Japan's olive cultivation. This somen is kneaded with olive and becomes more delicious by sauce added olive oil. You can eat somen noodle a bit different from ordinary one.
Located in Shodoshima Olive Garden, and a little upward from its parking lot. A restaurant with a fine view. 'Shodoshima Olive Somen' is 500 yen.

Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat The Specialty Of The Island

On a hill of Olive Garden, restaurant 'RestleA' offers specialties of Shodoshima Island such as 'Olive Somen Noodle' and 'Hishio-don' with stunning seascape. It's a nice restaurant which has both of best scenery and food.
Located in Shodoshima Olive Garden, and a little upward from its parking lot. Inside the restaurant has renovated and very beautiful.

Only 10 Dishes A Day. Western Style 'Hishio-don' A Specialty Of Shodoshima

The local specialty 'Hishio-don' uses Shodoshima Island's fish, vegetables and Hishio (ingredient for soy sauce and miso). You can eat various Hishio-don at many restaurants in the island. Here, they prepare rare Western style one with fritter and vegetables on olive rice, which is only 10 set a day.
Soy sauce and moromi made at 'Hishio no Sato' (area of stores and factories of hishio) are used for the seasonings of Hishio-don.


Olive Palace RestleA
2171 Ko Nishimura Shodoshim-cho, shozu-gun, kagawa

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