Mt.Moiwa (Mountaintop Observatory)

Mt.Moiwa (Mountaintop Observatory) is one of the best places to travel in Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Mt.Moiwa (Mountaintop Observatory) posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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Japan's New Three Best Night Views! Observatory Of Mt.Moiwa Offering A Whole View Of Sapporo

From an observatory on the mountain top, you can have a night landscape of Sapporo like many jewels and also a huge panoramic view of town and nature. It's romantic for lovers to ring a happy bell and promise the forever love♡
Access: Moiwa Yama Ropeway

Japan's New Three Best Night Views! A Glittering Northern Entertainment Town

As a landmark of Sapporo, an observatory on the top of Mt. Moiwa, located at the altitude of 531 meters. It commands the moving and glittering night view like a jewel box, that selected as one of the Japan's New Three Best Night Views together with Nagasaki and Kobe.
To the ropeway, take a streetcar from Susukino, then, walk or take a shuttle bus. Take Mt. Moiwa ropeway, then take the cable car to the top. You can find some discount tickets of ropeway at your hotel or Sapporo streetcar! The observatory is identified as a Lover's Sanctuary, so please ring the happiness bell with your dearest person.

Great Whole View Of Sapporo

The course of the town lighting bit by bit after it's getting dark from the evening glow, is wonderful. This night view makes me want to see it many times.



Moiwayama Minami-ku, sapporo-shi, hokkaido


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Access to the ropeway: 15 min by bus from Maruyama Park, then take a free shuttle bus. By car, 30 min from Sapporo Station. Parking lot is available.



Nearby Things To Do

Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium

Japan's New Three Best Night Views! Sapporo City Seen From Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium

You can have a whole view of Sapporo City as one of Japan's New Three Best Night Views, from the observatory located at an altitude of 307meters of Mt. Okura. The night view from Mt. Moiwa is more famous though, Mt.Okura has an original angle, so I like it!

Kitasanjo Square (Akapura)

Flower Carpet 2018 Using Petals Blooming In Hokkaido

2018 is a 5th time of Flower Carpet. Citizen volunteers make colorful flower carpet using petals grown in Hokkaido such as rose and carnation.

Nakajima Park

Spring Arrival In Sapporo

Nakajima Park is located inside the walkable area from Susukino, and well known as a refreshing place with rich green and water. It has various flowers in each season, and specially, cherry blossom in spring. They color the spring in Sapporo beautifully.

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

A Government Office Building Of Red Tiles

It's a important cultural asset and built on neo-baroque style of red tiles . As a symbol of Hokkaido, it's opened to see the inside.

Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

A Statue Of Dr. Clark Famous For His Words 'Boys Be Ambitious'

It's a famous words 'boys, be ambitious', isn't it? You can write down your ambitious and preserve it under the statue!

Higashi Hongan-ji Temple Hokkaigobyō

Lanterns Lighted Once In A Year As A Background Of The New Three Best Night Views In Japan

Only on August 16th every year, Mantōe is held at Hokkaigobyō (resting place) located at the middle of Mt. Moiwa. From here, you can see one of the New Three Best Night Views in Japan. Anyone can buy the lanterns, and we can see the fantastic lights and the night views at the same time only on this day.

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