Minatoya Yurei Kosodate-ame Hompo

Guide and tips of Minatoya Yurei Kosodate-ame Hompo in kyoto-shi, kyoto


Minatoya Yurei Kosodate-ame Hompo
80-1 Rokuro-cho 2 Higashi-iru Yamato-oji Matsubara-dori Higashiyama-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto

Tips By Travelers and Locals

Once upon a time, a mother ghost appeared to buy the candy for her child every night… It's Bekko-ame candy of a long-established shop that has become the root of 'GeGeGe no Kitaro'. A folk tale of mother's love, sweet familiar taste and a little bit terrifying package are excellent.
90g:¥300 170g:¥500 Access: 5min from Kennin-ji, 10min from Kiyomizu-dera on foot. Open: 10:00-16:00 Holiday: Mondays

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