Hakata Hinanoyaki

Hakata Hinanoyaki is one of the best restaurants to travel in Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Hakata Hinanoyaki posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]


You Can Eat Only In Fukuoka. Kaiten-manju In The Shape Of A Famous Cake 'HIYOKO'

Famous cake 'HIYOKO' becomes soft Kaiten-manju. You can choose the ingredients among red-bean jam, white-bean jam and custard. Just baked one is of course delicious, but the cold is also good.



CANAL CITY HAKATA, 1 Sumiyoshi Hakata-ku, fukuoka-shi, fukuoka







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Premium Dining Cinema

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I Choose ShinShin As The New Age Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen!

The collaboration between the light soup and thin noodle is nice. Photo is a ramen with roasted pork fillet. Here in Tenjin opens till 3 in the midnight, you can go after the sightseeing in Hakata.


A superb Grilled Chicken Skin You Must Eat In Hakata

Kawa-ya grills the chicken skin again and again till it becomes crisp and a man can eat up 20 or 30 sticks. The other dishes like rare white meat also taste good.

Street Stalls at Tenjin

Necessary In Hakata! Yatai (Stalls) That Make Your Stomachs And Minds Full

You should visit stalls in Hakata at night! After the sun set, about 60 stalls stand in a line in Tenjin area. Of course the delicious food, talking with the owners and the locals with alcohol drinks is also the real pleasure of stalls.

Hakata Motsunabe Yamanaka Akasakaten

Must Reserve the Stew of Giblets that Even Women Can Eat Easily

I visit here when I eager to eat the good giblets. Vegetables and noodles are delicious, too.


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