Starry Sky Of Hateruma

You can see the beautiful starry sky in Hateruma Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Hateruma Island starry sky posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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Natural Planetarium! Starry Sky Of Hateruma Island, A Southernmost Island In Japan

A little far from residential areas, you can meet a skyful of stars without any streetlamps. And you must be moved by the stars that you are likely to catch! There're so many stars that you can't distingulish the constellations☆
Access: from Ishigaki port to Hateruma Port, you can use Anei Kanko Tour/ Regular High Speed Boat 60-80 min. ¥5870 for a round trip.

Japan's Southernmost Milky Way You Can See The Center Of The Galaxy

Japan's southernmost island, Hateruma has less light obstacle, so it's suitable for stellar observation! You can see the thick part of the Milky Way, that is to say the center of the Galaxy, much better than those in Honshu region. If the season is good, you can see the Southern Cross, too!
To Hateruma Island, access by ferry. Bring medicine for motion sickness by yourselves. Stellar Observation Tower's party is good (you need a car). The lights of the Milky Way is slight, you may not be able to see like the first pic. Remember, the Milky Way is seen at the left of the Scorpion. I took these pics near the southernmost stone monument, but be careful no to lose your way because there's no signs!

Overwhelming Starry Sky At The Southernmost Inhabited Island In Japan

The southernmost inhabited island, Hateruma Island. This island makes me forget the passage of time. When the night comes, the stars spread all over the sky. The whole view as far as I can see in my eyes are filled with the stars.



Hateruma Taketomi-cho, yaeyama-gun, okinawa


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A little far away from residential areas with less lights.




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