Karasawa Kar

Attraction Of Karasawa Kar

Autumn Foliage Of Karasawa Kar You Can See For Only A Few Days In A Year

Karasawa Kar located on 2300m spot of Japan Northern Alps. The best season for the autumn foliage would be only a few days, and considering the mountain weather, it's very rare period! The beautiful scenery of colored magnificent rock surfaces is the real pleasure for autumn climbing, isn't it?

The Reason Why Alpinists & Photographers Head For Karasawa Kar! So Moving Morning Red

Karasawa Kar (cirque) is said to the most beautiful red glow in the morning sky in Japan. People are captivated the kaleidoscopic scenery of light and shadow. In autumn, combined with red and yellow leaves, you can get much more moving morning red.

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4469-1 Azumi, matsumoto-shi, nagano


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