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Le Pan is one of the best restaurants to travel in Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Le Pan posted by Japanese travelers in the know. [last modified: ]



Happy Morning Is Starting! A Superb Bakery That Has Won The Best Breakfast In Japan

Famous for the greatest breakfast in Japan, Hotel La Suite Kobe manages the bakery directly. Superb bread and buns made from particular wheat, water and salt produced in Hyogo Pref. Each one tastes like I eat them in a luxury hotel, and has surprising and original deliciousness.



2-7-4 Yamamotodori Chuo-ku, kobe-shi, hyogo







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Kobe Beef Kissyokichi Sannomiya-Isogami-Store

Use Only Kobe Beef. Buying One Whole Head Realizes The Reasonable Kobe Beef For French Style

They buy a whole head of Kobe cattle and process it by themselves, then offer the worldwide Kobe beef at a lower price than others. And, their French style is excellent with the fashionable town Kobe. Beef stew and dessert are also delicious!

Kobe Beef Steak Ishida. Kitanozaka

The Supreme Kobe Beef that You Can Eat at Very Reasonable Price

I was satisfied with the taste and the price. Because the restaurant is managed by wholesale merchant and contracts 3 selected farms in Hyogo, they can serve the Kobe beef at reasonable price. If you eat the same at other restaurants, you have to pay more.

Kobe Beef Steak Aburiniku Kobo Wakkoqu Kitanozaka Main Store

Kobe Beef Stake Grilled Lightly

Kobe Beef that Hyogo boasts to the world. They prepare salt, black pepper, mustard and so on, you can taste beef with the seasonings as you like. The chef makes the best flavor of Kobe beef as it is.


Good For Date! Italian Restaurant With A Whole View Of Kobe

Italian restaurant 'GIANCALDO' is located on Mt.Suwa, about 15min by car from San'nomiya. The dishes made from foodstuffs from all over the world and also locally grown ones are as beautiful as Kobe city view seen from the big windows. Anyway, their elaborated dishes are delicious.

Starbucks Kobe-Kitano-Ijinkan-Store

A Western Style House With Fashionable Interiors

It's remodeled from a wooden two-storied house built in Meiji era. The building matches the townscape and retro designs of each rooms make comfortable moods.

Italy House

Enjoy 100% Of Kitano's Atmosphere! An Elegant Café At Italy House

Italy House has a very elegant café suggestive of a garden in Europe. I was surprised that such a world existed inside of a high wall. Anyway, because of it's Italy, cafe latte is a genuine one and we also enjoy many other coffee menus.

Kobe Nishimura Coffee Kitanozaka Shop

A Blissful Cup Of Coffee 'Nishimura Original Blend'

It's the best coffee I've ever had. Well balanced bitterness and sourness, and great aroma that stays in my memory for a long time. I, for sure, want to have it again. Nishimura is a long established coffee shop and has been particular about beans, roast, water and even cup.


Fluffy And Mushy Specialty Akashi-yaki

A fluffy egg and octopus with a stock soup! Also as a snack. You can eat them with tako-yaki sauce.


Must Eat Once, The Original Buta Manju Born And Loved In Kobe

It was born in 1915 in Kobe as the first buta-man, pork wrapped in steamed dough, and has been loved since then. Well-seasoned ingredients wrapped in chewy dough so you can eat without sauce. The surprising and strong taste you can't find anywhere else is the reason of its popularity.

Yun Yun

Piping Hot Soup Dumplings

They grilled it on the main road of Chine town, I couldn't pass by. And it was hotter and more delicious than I expected.

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