Most Instagenic Places In Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Here're most Instagenic places in Tokyo Prefectur, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy places you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Minami-jima Island' a paradise in Tokyo, and 'Gotokuji Temple' called cat temple. Then, we selected best Instagenic places from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Tokyo.


    25 Most Instagenic Places In Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

    Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa

    An Active Space You Can Be Close To The Unique Animals

    A tunnel under the sea where a manta and a ray swim unhurriedly. Expressive seals, Madagascar day gecko with pretty little gestures and so on. You can see close to these unique animals

    Art Aquarium

    Art Aquarium Whose Concept Is 'The Sea God's Palace'

    The summer art event in Nihombashi is 'Art Aquarium' of goldfish. In 2017, the concept is 'The Sea God's Palace' and you can enjoy the gorgeous arts of goldfish. I was totally surprised at the coolness of Edo Tokyo in present-day.

    Gotoku-ji Temple

    Cats! Cats! And More Cats! A Temple As A Birthplace Of Beckoning Cat

    Gotokuji Temple is known as a birthplace of Beckoning Cat (Maneki-neko: cat ornament able to bring good lucks together). There're so many Beckoning Cats that had brought lucks and been dedicated back to the temple. I wonder how many lucks they brought! I think I can receive a share of happiness, and it's a must see spot for cat-loving people.

    Minamijima Island

    Clear Water On A Paradise In Tokyo

    Minami-jima Island is a popular spot with a superb view in Ogasawara Islands. I'm sure that you will be surprised at the beauty water of Ougi Pond and Same Pond.

    Chichi Island

    Whale Watching Of Dynamic Humpback Whales

    You could enjoy a dynamic whale watching on a tour boat leaving Chichi-jima Island. The best season is between February and April.

    Haneda Airport Second Terminal Observation Deck

    Taking Off Planes And The Rising Sun At Haneda Airport

    Haneda Airport is located at an open fields, and for that reason, it's a best place to view the rising sun. I recommend the 2nd Terminal Observation Deck. But, you can see this view in only winter whose time of sunrise becomes later.


    The Best Roof Garden To See The Illuminated Tokyo Station

    The night look of Tokyo Station is different from the day time. You can see the illuminated awesome Tokyo Station closer from the roof garden of the building 'KITTE'. It opens for free, so you can visit many times to take photos.

    Roppongi Hills Sky Deck

    Art By The Name Of City. Night View Of Tokyo Seen From The Highest Observatory In Japan

    Symbols of a capital city, Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree of course, if the weather is good, even Mt.Fuji can be seen from this open-air observatory. Enjoy the shining night view and sky in Tokyo.

    Tokyo Tower

    Always Beautiful, The Symbol Tower of Japan

    Tokyo Skytree opened but I think that the Tokyo tower is the symbol tower of Japan even now. It is still beautiful and brilliant and attract tourists now.

    Zojoji Temple

    An Important Cultural Aseet, Taitokuin Reibyo Gate

    It is lightened up against the background of Tokyo Tower. It's cool whenever I see the gate.

    Shiba Park

    A Park Where You Can See The Illuminated Tokyo Tower

    You can see Tokyo Tower illuminated beautifully while taking a bench in this park. It may be a popular spot for date because there are many couples.

    World Trade Center Building

    An Observatory Like Executive Lounge

    This observatory can see the 360 degrees of Tokyo night view. The chairs and sofas seem to be executive and here serves both as a fashionable lounge.

    Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

    The Tokyo Sky Tree Night View Seen From The Observation Terrace

    Illuminated Tokyo Sky Tree is also attractive. From an observation terrace of Asakusa Culture And Sightseeing Center, you enjoy the night view of Tokyo Sky Tree and around that.

    Tokyo Skytree

    An Observation Window Located 340 Meters High

    Here's the only place to look down from this height.

    Jiburi Museum

    The Museum You Can Immerse Yourself in the Ghibli World

    The exhibition of Ghibli works, original short movies, and trick arts, children and adults can enjoy fully apart from the real world.

    Senso-ji Temple

    Lighted A Five Storied Pagoda And Hozo-mon Gate

    Senso-ji Temple is a highlight of Asakusa sightseeing. Especially, illuminated pagoda and Hozo-mon produce a mysterious beauty that make us forget that we're in a big city.


    Penguins Swim Freely! Japan's Biggest Tank Of An Inside Open Pool

    We get excited at the penguins swimming very fast in the big pool! The attractive exhibition that we can feel the penguin's expression, gestures and voices nearby. Penguin fans must visit♪

    Machida Squirrel Zoo

    Relaxing Zoo You Can Play With 200 Squirrels Ridding On Your Hands

    Small squirrels cheerfully running around welcome you! It's a rare facility where people can enter the place squirrels live naturally. You can feed directly and they come to ride your hands. Let's get refreshed by the lovely squirrels and beautiful nature!

    Takao-san Mountain

    One Hour From The Center Of Tokyo! The Great Autumn Nature You Can Enjoy With Mountain Climbing

    In Takao-san mountain, you can enjoy the great nature throughout the year. It takes only one hour from Shinjuku or Shibuya, and in autumn, many people visit here for climbing and viewing the autumn colored leaves.

    Inogashira Park

    Cherry Blossoms In Kichijoji Where Many People Want To Live

    Cherry blossoms in full bloom at Inokashira Park. Beautiful pink wraps as far as you can see. The beautiful season for cherry blossoms viewing come this year, too.

    Meiji Jingu Shrine

    A Symbol Of Wakon-yosai. Burgundy Wine Barrels

    After a national isolation, Burgundy wine barrels were dedicated to learn the Western cultures positively. These are the symbol of Wakon-yosai (Japanese spirit with Western learning).

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

    An Observatory You Can See The Huge Panorama Of A Big City Without Any Fees

    The observatory in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. It has a good height to see the view and you can enter for free. The night view is also nice.

    Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

    A Fascinating Open Space Hiding Among the Buildings

    It is the beautiful English garden harmonizing with an art museum. You can have a good lunch time in the open air café of Marunouchi Brick Square.

    Odaiba Kaihin Park

    The Statue Of Liberty In Japan

    This was built as a symbol as a friendship between Japan and France. Here's also a popular spot for taking pictures. It looks very cool against a background of Rainbow Bridge.

    Fuji TV

    Just Like The TV World! Wonder Street

    You can take pictures in front of the studio sets of your favorite TV programs. My wife and children like SMAP×SMAP. I got excited at Suberanai-hanashi. For free ◎

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