Most Instagenic Spots In Kagawa Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic spots in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. There're many instagram worthy destinations you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as great views of Seto Inland Sea and some photogenic arts. Then, we selected best instagenic spots from 'special places to travel in Kagawa' that were posted in City's Pride by Japanese travelers and the locals in the know.


    17 Most Instagenic Spots In Kagawa Prefecture

    Ichinomiya Seashore

    Like Hawaii In Kagawa!? A Romantic 'Lover's Sanctuary' With Beautiful Sunset

    Ichinomiya Park located along the seashore, is full of resort air like Hawaii with the lawn to the whole park and palm trees. And it's selected as 'Lover's Sanctuary' and popular spot to see the romantic sunset. Let's ring a bell, too!

    Awai Shrine

    A Shrine With 3000 Hydrangea Trees At The Precinct & Walk

    Hydrangeas coloring the slope are very impressive. A walk in the lush grove has beautiful blue hydrangeas and makes very fantastic scenery. Hydrangea Festival is held in the middle of June every year.

    Sanagi-shima Island

    Many Cats In The Island! You Can See Them All Over The Island

    Sanagi-shima Island is located on the Seto Inland Sea, and it has become well known as a 'cat island' where the number of cats is bigger then that of people. In the island, the cats will welcome you.

    Mt. Shiude

    Fascinating Spring Scenery Of Cherry Blossoms & Sea Of Setouchi

    Mt.Shiude is a popular spot for the whole view of Setouchi. In spring, it gets crowded most in a year. Along the slopes of the mountain, numberless cherry trees are in full bloom proudly. And with the panorama of Setouchi, I want to burn the scenery into my eyes!

    Flower Park Urashima

    Autumn Photogenic Spot! Nice View Of Cosmos & Seto Inland Sea

    Flower Park Urashima is in Mitoyo which has many beautiful places. Marguerite in spring, and cosmos in autumn blooms here in front of the Seto Inland Sea. The collaboration of the sea and the flowers is really gorgeous!

    Sanukimanno Park

    World Of 4000 Kochia In Autumn Red In Kagawa Pref.

    About 4000 trees of kochia change into the autumn colors and make a red carpet in Sanuki Man'no Park. Its fluffy silhouette is lovely, so I felt relaxed and wanted to see them without thinking anything.

    Ogushi Natural Park

    Picturesque View From A Peninsula Projecting Into Seto Inland Sea

    Located at Ogushi Peninsula projecting into Seto Inland Sea, Ogushi Nature Park with camp site and an open-air concert arena. From the observatory, the panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea without any obstruction. You can see the photogenic and picturesque view!

    Toyotamahime Shrine

    You Can Meet Cats, Too. A Scenic Shrine Of God For An Easy Delivery

    According to one theory, this shrine enshrined Toyotama-hime who is a grandmother of the first Japanese Emperor Kammu, and known as a god for an easy delivery of baby. The scenery from the shrine is nice and cats living in Ogi-jima Island will give you a balm.

    Walking Ark

    To The Shining Sea Of Setouchi! A Photogenic Art 'Walking Ark'

    We think the most attractive thing of Setouchi Triennale is the fusion of shining sea and arts. Here in Ogi Island, Walking Ark is very popular art that makes us want to take its photos.

    Angel Road

    A Lover's Sanctuary♡ Angel Road Where Lovers Become Happy Forever

    The sand beach appearing by the tidal range is called Angel Road, and it's said that lovers who cross this road by holding hands can become happy. I recommend to visit here at romantic dusk.

    Shodoshima Olive Park

    A Best Photo Spot In Shodoshima Island

    Located at Shodoshima Olive Park, The Greek Windmill was built as a proof of a sister island to Milos Island. And this windmill facing to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and surrounded with olive trees is a best place to take pictures in Shodoshima Island.

    Terraced Rice Fields At Karato In Teshima Island

    Take A Trip To A Beautiful Island! A Photogenic Road At Peaceful Te-shima Island

    Te-shima is located almost in the middle of Kagawa and Okayama. The slope of the 255th prefectural road at Karato area is beautiful photogenic road with peaceful terraced rice fields and Setouchi ocean view. Let's enjoy cycling at beautiful Te-shima Island♪

    Danyama Okazaki Park

    A Wonderful View Of Setouchi Stays In Our Memory Forever

    At Teshima Island where many art works are exhibited, the islanders admire the panoramic view of Setouchi as beautiful as the arts. The scenery seen from Danyama Mountain in the center of the island, is so beautiful that I'll never forget this forever.


    Best Attraction Of Naoshima! A Photogenic Art 'Pumpkin'

    Yayoi Kusama's art work 'Pumpkin' has its beautiful yellow under the clear blue sky. Tourist from all over the world make a line to take pictures of this art.

    Naoshima Pavilion

    Floating? 'Naoshima Pavilion' Is A Big Stainless Steel Mesh Art

    A white huge stainless steel art got an idea from the 28th new island of Naoshima Island. You can enter the art and feel like floating in the sky. Taking pictures as your imaginative way.

    Reoma World

    Great Reconstruction Of Asian Heritages

    Reoma World, a largest amusement park in Shikoku Region, has an area where Asian heritages were reconstructed truly in smaller size, and the atmosphere is like that country! There're temple of Angkor and mosque that make you feel like traveling in the world, and you can take nice pics for your Instagram!

    Chichibugahama Beach

    Like Salar de Uyuni!? One Of The 100 Best Sunsets In Japan

    Chichibugahama Beach is popular as a beautiful place for sunset viewing, and has a long shoal to the offshore. The reflecting scene on the water surface is like ' Salar de Uyuni' in Bolivia, since there's no wave in the shoal.

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