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Famed as a hydrangea temple in Nara, Yata-dera has as many as 10 thousand trees and 60 kinds of hydrangeas including rare ones. We never get tired of watching the differences between the kind at a sample garden.


It's a restaurant in Shodoshima Olive Garden. Shodoshima Island is a birthplace of Japan's olive cultivation. This somen is kneaded with olive and becomes more delicious by sauce added olive oil. You can eat somen noodle a bit different from ordinary one.


It stands in quiet Hirugami Onsen district surrounded with mountains. This hotel offer you specialty foods of Shinshu region such as soft Shinshu Beef which has no odor, river fish, edible wild plants and soba noodle. They have onsen of high quality water, so you can enjoy the blissful time to be refreshed in mind and body.


A live-action movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service' of Miyazaki Movie used this open set. It's located in Shodoshima Olive Park and appeared as a bakery Kiki worked for. The shop 'corico' now sells cute goods and herbs with the movie's atmosphere as it is.


Roses of all over the world, 800 kinds and 30000 trees are planted here. Other than rose, seasonal flowers like hydrangea and dahlia you can enjoy seeing throughout a year.


Shimpaku is a kind of juniper and popular for Japanese 'Bonsai'. At Hosho-in Temple, this sacred tree is said to be 1500 years old and the only Shimpaku that designated as a special natural monument. It's like a tree where Totoro and Mei met for the first time (in Ghibli movie),and very mysterious.


I want people who like Ghibli to visit this shop selling Totoro Cream Puff. And the illustration of 'Shiro-Hige (White Mustache)' drawn by Hayao Miyazaki for this shop is must-see. They prepare some cute baked confectionery such as ones shaped like mushroom and acorn.


A movie studio of an open set in a movie 'Twenty Four Eyes'. It has retro photogenic scenery and also the view of Seto Inland Sea. Let's take picturesque photos here.


Many art works are dotted around the Art Center, and united with the woods, which are very unique!


It's really nice to be able to go to the sea easily. On sunny days, walking with a coffee makes you feel refreshed.


During the 'Kuroishi Yosare Matsuri Festival' held in August every year, this tasteful Komise Dori Street will be crowded by a lot of people.


A school building used in a movie 'Twenty Four Eyes' as an open set. From the nostalgic classroom, the scenery of beautiful Seto Inland Sea can be seen. You can be in like a one scene of a movie.


Such as retro posters and torii gates like a film set, you can take interesting pictures by just walking around in this retro photogenic spot. On the other hand, it has some fashionable sides such as a restaurant of local food and a modern art.


A famous place of moss in Tokushima, Mt.Yamainu-dake. You can make a tour of mini-88 Jizo which is an easy type of genuine pilgrimage of 88 temples in Shikoku. You can get a sense of accomplishment after seeing 88th jizo, so let's make a challenge.


Based on Indian curry, but it uses Japanese broth and soy sauce. It tastes full-bodied and smooth but doesn't cause an upset stomach because of no use of flour. You must be addicted to this curry.


Located at Shodoshima Olive Park, The Greek Windmill was built as a proof of a sister island to Milos Island. And this windmill facing to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and surrounded with olive trees is a best place to take pictures in Shodoshima Island.


A famous restaurant of Himeji Oden, selected in Bib Gourmand of Michelin. Various kinds of quality foodstuffs such octopus, yuba and asparagus are delicious and, then you eat them with gingered soy sauce, which is special way in Himeji, they change into more delicious food completely.


Shodoshima Olive Garden is the birthplace of olive cultivation in Japan. Lovely paths encircled with pale green olive trees, and the beautiful scenery of Seto Inland Sea between the trees, that are the garden's attractions. They have a restaurant and a shop within the garden.


Komatsuya serves whitebaits heaped up on the rice bowl (Shirasu Don), and it's the biggest attraction of this shop. Since they're originally a wholesaler of whitebait, and use the whitebait caught at nearby Wadajima Fishery Port, you can eat the supreme one that you cannot find any faults.


A long-established izakaya that directed by a famous sake maker, Nadagiku. Seasoned by stock soup that has inherited for more than 50 years, a big Himeji Oden is excellent with gingered soy sauce. This is the local specialty of Himeji you must eat.