Top Foods & Restaurants In minamitsuru-gun


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in minamitsuru-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-2]

HOUTOU FUDOU Higashi-koiji Store

Lake Kawaguchi's Specialty 'Houtou' You Can Savor In A Modern Domed Building

An architecture Takeshi Hosaka's design. A spacious room with 300 seats in a building like cloud. 'Houtou' has handmade noodle in soup seasoned to miso tastes. With a secret spice, you can enjoy different taste. It's certain for you to become addicted the unsophisticated but deep taste once you eat it.

HOUTOU FUDOU Kawagushi-ko Kita Main Store

Traditional Koshu Style 'Houtou' With Many Vegetables

Piping hot Houtou in a pot has many vegetables and satisfying quantity! In a soup of miso made around Mt.Fuji, homemade noodle with comfortable chewiness in very delicious! For people like spice, it's nice to add Fudo's secret spices in it.