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Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in yamanashi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Sacred Foggy Morning Of The Hotel

At Mt.Yatsugatake, the plants are all wet in the morning dew, and the mountain and the ground are enveloped in fog. Enjoy morning walk in a dewy air and deep green scene like another country.

Fruit Park Fujiya Hotel

Mt.Fuji In The Sea Of Clouds.

The view of Kofu Basin seen from this hotel has been already guaranteed, because it's one of the three most beautiful night views in Japan. But now, the view of 'Mt.Fuji in the sea of clouds' has become popular by word of mouth! The next morning you were moved by the glittering night view, the scenery behind the curtains would be a surprising double present!


A Private Japanese Garden At The Foot Of Mt.Fuji

You can use the well repaired Japanese garden without minding the public eyes. I could have a barbecue and feel the resort mood in a villa.

Kazenoterasu Kukuna

Asian Style and Lake View Room for Customer's

A resort hotel standing by the Lake Kawaguchi, the most liveliest lake in the five lakes around Mt.Fuji. The best scenery can be seen from here. All rooms have an exotic mood and terraces facing the lake, furthermore, you can see Mt.Fuji on the sunny day.