Top Things To Do In shizuoka


We have great places in Shizuoka Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Shizuoka is famous for a world heritage Mt. Fuji, and located north of Tokai Region. To begin with Mt. Fuji with scenic top, Shiraito no Taki Cascade like a dropping silk, beautiful Shirahama Ohama Coast, and Atami Onsen hot spring, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as Fujinomiya Yakisoba noodle and Hamamatsu Gyoza, are also popular in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Mt. Fuji

Supreme Panorama For Only Successful Climber Of Japanese No.1 Mountain Top

Mt.Fuji climbing is restricted within the short term during the year. On the way to its top, you have to experience the hard roads and environment. But, at the end of the journey on the top, the supreme panorama extends as far as the only successful people can see.


Moving Rise Above Fear!? Japan's Longest Suspension Bridge With A Nice View Of Mt.Fuji

400meters longest suspension bridge for only persons on foot spans at Hakoneseiroku. To the small goal in the distance at the other side, if you fear the swinging steps, let's hold a handrail, look up and walk forward! Being fascinated at Suruga Bay and Mt.Fuji, your fear will change into the feeling like walking in the sky.

Dream Suspension Bridge (Yume-no Tsuribashi)

A Suspension Bridge Across The Milky Blue Lake

A milky blue lake at Sumata George with rich nature. You must be fascinated with the beautiful scenery as it is in these pics. To see this Dream Bridge, you need to drive the mountain roads for as long as 1 hour, and some places has only one lane... We have rarely seen this secluded scenery.

Grinpia Makinohara

Experience Of Shizuoka Culture. 'Ocha-tsumi' Picking Tea By Working Of Your Five Senses

At Grinpia Makinohara, you can experience of picking tea. Shizuoka is famous for producing Japanese tea leaves. Tea leaf fields are spreading as far as I can see, which is very beautiful I thought. You can enjoy nice cuisine using tea leaves for lunch.

Shirahama Shrine

The Crystal Clear Sea In Izu

Shirahama Beach in Izu. The red torii arch and the blue sea make each other more attractive! Such as the sea of Touji, sand ski, the fascinating beautiful ocean waits you.

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

The Earliest Ohanami In The Main Island In Japan! A Romantic Tunnel Of Pink Cherry Blossoms

This early cherry blossom is in bloom for a month between early February and March. It's famous for the big flower and thick pink color. At night, illuminated cherry blossom 'yozakura' is also nice.

Komuroyama Park

A Park Colored By Many Colorful Azaleas

Azareas begins to bloom late in April and you can enjoy them untill the beginning of May. A beautiful scenery of pink, red and white azaleas spreads as far as you can see.

Hakone Jukkoku Touge Cable Car

Sky Cable Car You Can Enjoy The Panoramic View Of Mt.Fuji

Jukkoku Pass is located between Hakone and Izu. You can go up the top in 3 minutes by a cable car and it's a spot of stunning panoramic view of Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Manazuru Peninsula and Sizuoka. Must-visit place when you travel in Hakone and Izu.

Shiraito Falls

A Natural Monument! A Waterfall the Spring of Mt.Fuji Flows Down Like Silk.

Don’t miss the scenic spot when you visit Shizuoka. The spring of Mt.Fuji separetes to some streams and the waterfall flows like silk. The beautiful scenery is designated as a natural treasure. That is to say the BEST waterfall in Japan.

Nakatajima Sandhill

Like A Desert! Fantastic Sight Of The Sky, Sands And Sea

One of the three famous deserts in Japan. You can see the changing beautiful sights as the time passing. Morning blue, sunset orange, night navy blue. Standing on the wide beach, I feel something wonderful in my mind.