Top Things To Do In shimoda-shi


Special Things To Do to travel in shimoda-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Shirahama Shrine

The Crystal Clear Sea In Izu

Shirahama Beach in Izu. The red torii arch and the blue sea make each other more attractive! Such as the sea of Touji, sand ski, the fascinating beautiful ocean waits you.

Kujyuppama Beach

A Secret Place Of Emerald Blue Through The Narrow Slope

It's little-known beach in Shimoda. White sands, calm surf and shallow slope to a distance, here's a suitable beach for families and snorkels. There is a rocky place you may see blue and yellow fish!!

Tsumekisaki Park

The Sea, Aloe, And Narcissus. The New Year's Narcissus Festival Wrapped In Sweet Scents

With a beautiful Cobalt Blue Sea in Izushimoda, Suzaki Peninsula's Tsumekisaki Garden is a gregarious spot of as many as 3 million wild narcissuses. Enjoy the New Year's walk on the sea side wrapped in sweet scent. Narcissus Festival is held till the beginning of February.


A Cave Like In An Another Space With A Skylight Created By The Nature

Go down the dark stairs, you can get to the mysterious space with the roof wide-open. Seen from its top, it looks heart-shaped and surfs come into the cave from the rock hole. Through the hole, you can see the horizon and the beautiful scenery spreads like a picture.

Shimoda Park

Great Path For Walk & Photo With 150 Thousand Hydrangeas At Both Sides

At the top of the steps, there're lots of hydrangeas on the slope as far as the eyes can see! You can see lots of hydrangeas all around you. If you can visit here in early morning, there're few people and you can enjoy walking and taking pictures.

Shirahama Ohama Coast

Proud White Beach, Clear Water And Emerald Green Sea In Izu

Going southward on Izu Peninsula, the sceneries change one after another. Then almost the southernmost of the peninsula is Shirahama (white beach in Japanese). Literally the sand is white and create a beautiful scene with the blue sea. In summer, the beach is crowded with people swimming in the sea and surfers.