Top Hotels & Ryokan In shizuoka


Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in shizuoka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Hotels & Ryokan Ranking [1-9]


Japan's First Globe Tent Appeared At A Park In Shizuoka

What is the round lovely dome…? This is a globe tent that appeared at a park in Shizuoka. You can stay here and enjoy extraordinary days in great nature!


Mt.Fuji, Night Sky & Night Scene.. Gorgeous Views Always Entertaining You

Nippondaira Hotel stands on Nihon-daira Hill that was recognized as 12th Night View Heritage In Japan. Especially, the view seen from its lobby is overwhelming! You can have a gorgeous time and may find yourself need nothing but these views.


Clear Panorama! Super Scenic Lounge Of A Classic Hotel Facing To The Sea Of Izu

As the name of 'Sun Parlor', very exhilarating lounge with high ceiling and wide windows. This room makes us feel relaxed and want to see the blue sea of Izu for a long time on the sofa. Enjoy your time with the hotel-made fresh sweets.

Kira no Sato

An Enjoyable Country Life At Villages And Mountains

Seeing a rabbit pen, walking on a path between rice fields… The whole of the hotel forms like an village and you can experience the country life.

Arai Ryokan

The Building and Garden Full of Japanese Refined Tastes Loved by Great Writers

The Arai hotel itself is a registered cultural assets of Japan. They started in Meiji 5(A.D.1872), has history of many great writers having stayed here. The building, garden and the bath here have the original tastes.

Kawashu Ito ryokan

A Whole Red Snapper Dish Service in Izu

Izu is famous for red snapper dish. A whole red snapper poached with soy sauce. I was satisfied with this cozy hotel.

Kissho Caren

A Half Open Air Bath in a Guest Room You Can View the Sea of Izu

This modern hotel standing on the top of a small hill has guests rooms you enjoy the ocean view. From the half open air bath, the vast expense of Izu Sea, the beautiful sunrise you can see.

Syuzenji Onsen Yukairo Kikuya

Superve Courses Using Fresh Foodstuffs Growen in Izu

An elegant Japanese meal served in delocate courses in a private room. Good looking and taste.