Top Things To Do In haibara-gun


Special Things To Do to travel in haibara-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Things To Do Ranking [1-2]

Dream Suspension Bridge (Yume-no Tsuribashi)

A Suspension Bridge Across The Milky Blue Lake

A milky blue lake at Sumata George with rich nature. You must be fascinated with the beautiful scenery as it is in these pics. To see this Dream Bridge, you need to drive the mountain roads for as long as 1 hour, and some places has only one lane... We have rarely seen this secluded scenery.

Yoshida Park Tulip Fetival

Cherry Blossoms & 100 Thousand Tulips In The Spring Breeze

Shizuoka Prefectural Yoshida Park, known as a flower park, holds Tulip Festival in early spring, 60 kinds and 100 thousand tulips are amazing! They prepare some spots to take pictures of tulips and cherry blossoms together, so it's so much worth seeing and taking pictures.