Best Hotels In Japan

Here're best Hotels in Japan. We released a ranking of reviews about Hotels posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Japan.

Best Hotels In Japan [1-10]

1Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

A buffet breakfast preparing all kinds of Japanese, Western and Chinese food. We can have a blissful breakfast time in front of the Kobe ocean view at the open patio with full of resort mood.

A room filled with resort mood, and the nice ocean view from a large balcony as I forget the time passes. Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel is good for resort stay at a longed-for coastal town, Kobe.

This hotel stands at the supreme location to enjoy the beautiful night views of any directions you see. It's the biggest attraction of Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel.


This is a hotel in Ushimado called Aegean Sea in Japan. It's proud of a pool like a temple in Greece!! It's located to be united with the sea behind.

3Fusaki Resort Village

Fusaki beach is a famous spot to see the sunset. The sunset scenery from the beach and 'Fusaki angel pier' will become your unforgettable memory.

Southern flowers color the sight. The hotel makes us want to forget the daily bustle and stay slowly. And Fusaki beach is a popular spot to see the beautiful sunset.

If you reserve the restaurant of Fusaki Resort Village, you can enjoy Okinawa's music against the background of the sunset beach. It's a little costly, but the atmosphere is great.◎Ishigaki Island Hotel Fusaki Resort Village. The restaurant is available if you don't stay this hotel. Rent-a-car is convenient to access here.

4The Ritz Carlton Okinawa

The Ritz Carlton Okinawa in Kise, Nago-shi, has a whole view of the East China Sea and Nago Bay admired as the most beautiful ocean in Okinawa main island. The best room of this hotel is Cabana Room from which we can come and go to the main pool. It has a private jacuzzi, so it's a best room to stay.

Ritz Carlton in Okinawa has an open lobby and spacious rooms. The chic restaurant and gorgeous spa must make you forget the daily strain.

5Yugafu Yamabare

A spacious and luxurious room. From a private pool, you can see the sea and a lovely garden. And the owner is very kind to talk with us about our plans of the journey.

You can enjoy the Okinawa specialties hardly seen in other places. They're sure to make you full with enough dishes and quantity. My favorite is Jimami tofu (made from peanuts) fried and soaked in a soup.

Well-fed fried egg of silky fowl, fresh vegetables, and bacon. It was a delicious and elegant breakfast specially as I saw the sea.

6Hotel Setre

A room you can have an ocean view with Akashi Strait Bridge all to yourself. Colorful breakfast like a palette with full of foodstuffs grown in Awaji-shima and Akashi Strait. Enjoy the gorgeous morning you never have other places.◎Four-star hotel popular for wedding ceremony. It has a plan for a woman traveling by herself. Use for only meal is available.

Stands very near the Akashi Channel Bridge and from all of the rooms you can see the ocean and a dynamic Akashi Channel Bridge.

This hotel has won the first prize of 'the seaside hotel with the superb scenery'. You can have an ideal wedding ceremony at a chapel of such a hotel. It's easy access from Kobe, too.

7Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

From all rooms, we can see The Port Tower which is a symbol of Kobe, and beautiful Kobe Port. Landscape of port in the morning sunlight, and glittering night view, you can have them all to yourself. What's more, the biggest fascinations, we can enjoy this hotel's famous afternoon tea and delicious breakfast of Kobe LE PAN Bakery at the terrace of our room.

A full of assorted fruits and a bottle of champagne as the privilege of a stay.

All the furniture look high-class. The room is suitable for spending anniversary.

8Hilton Tokyo

Hilton Tokyo's traditional design of Japanese style. An elegant and urban room has a quiet mood and makes you feel luxurious.

Three kinds of savory such as open sandwich of blue cheese and honey. In addition, sparkling wine, fresh mango, and beautiful sweets of lemon and honey in a jewelry box♡

9Harmonie Embrassee Osaka

The world-famous architect Ando Tadao designed. This novel hotel stands in 5 minutes walk from Hankyu Umeda, and hold up a slogan of small luxury by meticulous attention for guests. I like the nice room like an oasis.

marry cafe opens only now. It opened in Yokohama last year, but now in Umeda! There're so many flowers displayed, and a cake decorated by myself is also very cute♡

The room 'BLACK TEA' based on the concept of NY is monotone and luxury. And you can enjoy seeing night view from the large balcony.


The Room is very spacious and Equipped Enough, you can relax like in your room. The ocean can be seen from the room, why don’t you enjoy the nature.