Eno-shima is one of the best places to travel in Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Eno-shima posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Kaleidoscopic Sky Weaved By Time

I suddenly thought I'd like to go Eno-shima. At sunset, wind and clouds flow, and the sky changes its colors. I enjoy twilight without thinking about the time passing.



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Nearby Things To Do

Meigetsuin Temple

A Temple Of Hydrangeas

In June, there are 2500 trees of hydrangeas blooming at the approach and the precincts of the temple. They choose the breed and the color of hydrangeas. Because of that, I feel the dignified and modest beauty. The scenery was like a very color of Japanese rainy season.

Houkoku-ji Temple

Beautiful Bamboo Grove In Houkoku-ji Temple

Houkoku-ji is celebrated for the beautiful bamboo grove in the precinct. You can enjoy walking in the grove, and in addition, a green-tea time in the sight of beautiful bamboo is so wonderful.

Hase-dera Temple

A Healing Jizo Image Standing Calmly In The Garden With Seasonal Flowers & Trees

A well-known spiritual power spot, Hase-dera Temple. Enjoy beautiful garden and then, pray solemnly. You can meet Jizo (a stone image of Jizo) at some places in the precinct and feel relaxed with this healing Jizo♪ Jizo with the power for good marriage is also popular here.

Kamakura Kouko-mae Station, Enoshima Electric Railway

A Seafront Station Of Enoden. A Retro Flavor And A Leisurely Scene

Among the stations of Enoshima Electric Railway, Kamakura Kouko-mae St. is the nearest to the sea. The tasteful scene is often used for location shoots, and has a retro mood, somehow.

Yuigahama Beach

Shonan Before Swimming Summer. Heaven For Surfers

At Yuiga-hama seashore, many people enjoy surfing all day thorough the year except for swimming season between July and August. You can also enjoy body boat enough even during the swimmable time.


Dolphins Jump In Front Of The Sea! Good Location To Enjoy The Sea All Day

An aquarium located in Shonan Beach. Fishes swimming freely in a large aquarium and dolphins playing spiritedly in a show! When you want to swim, go to the shore just behind you! You can enjoy the sea atmosphere all day. It has an open location that commands even Mt.Fuji.

Zushi Marina

Palm Trees Like California!

You can access within one and a half hours from Tokyo, but you can feel like to come in southern islands. I think there're no other places to see so many palm trees. It's very good when you want to be refreshed.


Who Made? Why? A Mysterious Buddha Statue With Many Vicissitudes

Kamakura's symbol and well-known second statue of Buddha of Kotoku-in. It struck by disasters many times, and there's few materials to know its birth. It attracts us mysteriously.

Hase Station

Cool Enoden Train Going Through The Side Of Hydrangeas

It's very instagenic spot where there's always crowd of people! The shocking pink hydrangea is rare, isn't it? The collaboration of Enoden train and flowers is very photogenic.

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