Top Things To Do In osaka


We have great places in Osaka Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Osaka is located at the middle of Kansai Region, known as a central city of the Western Japan, and also famous as a lively city full of human warmth. What's more, Universal Studio Japan with the biggest number of guests from all over the world, a large scale aquarium Kaiyukan, a great Osaka Castle, and the local specialty food Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, are places to go in Osaka Prefecture.

Things To Do Ranking [1-10]

Senri-gawa River Bank

Extremely Powerful! Air Planes Passing Just Above Our Heads

Near Itami Airport, at the bank of Senri River, you can enjoy the powerful planes landing and taking off at close range. I even get scared when the landing plane passes just above my head.

Osaka Tanabata Sky Lantern Festival

3000 Sky Lanterns Fly To The Night Sky In Osaka

A sky lantern event held on August 18th and 19th in Yodogawa, Osaka. (It's held around 7/7 every year, but it was postponed because of rain this year.) About 3000 sky lanterns flew to the night sky, it was so wonderful scenery.


Feel Like A Space Travel!? Artes Of The Space

Living museum 'NIFREL', you can touch vorious sensitivities. At a zone 'WONDER MOMENTS', you can enjoy the spatial arts of the space.

Katsuoji Temple

Mountain Temple With Beautiful Fall Foliage Like A Paradise In Autumn

Katsuo-ji Temple is the 23th one of Saikoku 33 Temples. It's famous for Daruma Dolls, and also the beautiful fall foliage that cover the whole mountain in autumn. You can see the lovely collaboration of Daruma and autumn colored leaves.


Drink-loving People Must Like Here! Technology & History Of Whisky YAMAZAKI

Yamazaki is blessed with rich nature and excellent water. You can see the history of SUNTORY Whisky, the process of production and so on. Experience the passion of the people engaged in whisky production and high technology.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Tower Standing Dignified

55 meters above the ground, in 5 layers, 8 floors, grampus on the roof, lying tiger and on, gold ornaments shine beautifully anywhere in the castle.

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

Romantic Night Appreciation For Adults! The World Largest Aquarium

It's a famous tourist spot, but it can become a proud spot if you visit it at night. By the night shadow and the light whose color is royal blue, the aquarium and a whale shark are more mysterious than them in the daytime. It's an ideal place for the last destination of a date and a travel by yourself.

Shigi Ikoma Skyline

The Night View Of Osaka From A Panorama Observatory

I took this picture at evening when the town started to light. You can enjoy seeing the evening glow and the night view together.

Abeno Harukas

Beautiful Urban Night View Looked From The Highest Building In Japan

Abeno Harukas is the highest building in Japan. The night view of Osaka looked from here is amazing! On sunny day, you can see the beautiful sunset as a beginning, the golden hour, and then the night view on the whole surface under the building.

Toyono Cosmos Park

Cosmos In Many Tones Of Pink And White Blooming At 1 Ha Park

Toyono Cosmos Park are at its best to see from early October. You can take a rest at the bench and buy flowers at a stall.