Top Shops In osaka


Special Shops to travel in osaka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-6]

Hirakata T-SITE

Book! Book! Book! A Surprising Bookshelf Crammed Up To The Ceiling

T-SITE in Hirakata,Osaka is a shopping mall composed mainly of Tsutaya book store. Obviously, they keep a wide variety of books then, display of bookshelves are worth seeing.

Hankyu Umeda Main Store

Planet Chocolate Of FOUCHER OLYMPUS Especially For A Valentine Gift

The beautiful half-globe shape chocolates with planet drawing, on the motifs of Greek myths. Each one has different designs and liquors in it, and they can entertain our sights and tastes. Very fascinating chocolates for Valentin's Day!


A Healing Room You Can Touch Cats Each Other

A room separates for cats and a café, you can enjoy drinking tea with watching pretty cats. Of course you can enter the cats booth and touch them directly. By the way my favorite cat is asshu.

THE DINER Patisserie

A Quality Plain Sweet ' Doujima Hotel Roll'

'Doujima Hotel Roll' has pursued a plain and quality taste that became a representative of rolled cakes. Only here you can buy this Doujima Hotel version.

Grand Front Osaka North Store

The Leading Stylish Items Such As Interiors And Fashion in Osaka

You can get various leading‐edge items in the mall connected directly with the station.

Senchu Pal

Specialty Shopping Mall That Looks As Much As It Did When Osaka World's Fair Held

A shopping mall in Senri new town. There are 160 specialty stores such as restaurants and tailors in the retro building.