Top Things To Do In nagasaki-shi


Special Things To Do to travel in nagasaki-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Things To Do Ranking [1-8]

Oura Church

Christmas Of Illuminated Oura Church, A National Treasure

Oura Church is the oldest church in Japan, and designated as a national treasure. In Christmas season, it's decollated with illuminations and lights up! You can see a beautiful church.

Gunkanjima Island

Rise and Fall, the Ruins that Recall Worker's Sprit at that time, Spotlighted Again as the World Heritage

The Hashima Island looks like a military ship. The ruins were the first apartments constructed of concrete in Japan and look weird now. But just the scenery of this World Heritage can recall worker's sprit in the coal mine at that time.

Glover Garden

Winter Event! A World Heritage Glover Garden's Illumination & The Night View Of Nagasaki

Glover Garden was registered as a world heritage in 2015. In Christmas season, it's lit up and has different atmosphere than usual! You can see the night Nagasaki city illumination.

Nabekammuri Park

An Observatory Commends The 3D Images Of One Million Dollars Night View

One of the new three best night view of the world. Although a night view from a distance becomes flat, and too near becomes small, but Nabekammuri Park has the right distance from the town. You can have the wide 3D night view from here.

Mt. Inasa

One Of The Most Beautiful Night Views In The World. An Observatory For Shining Nagasaki City

The night view of Nagasaki is chosen as one of the three new biggest night views in the world together with Monaco & Hong Kong. An observatory on Inasa-yama mountain is specially nice. Many sightseers visit here everyday.

Sanno Shrine

I Can Say Only Wonderful! Two Huge Camphor Trees Keep Standing After Being Bombed

At Sanno Shrine in Nagasaki, there're two big camphor trees standing magnificently though they were bombed. After the bomb, both trees had seemed to be like dead, but two years later, they had a miracle revival. They give us a strong power and courage.

Megane Bashi Bridege

The Oldest Arched Stone Bridge in Japan Looks a Glasses by Reflection

The bridge is said that it is one of the three greatest bridges in japan (The others are Nihon-bashi bridge and Kintai-kyo bridge) and national important cultural property.


Beautiful Japanese Garden Reflected On A Table

Shinden-an House built in Edo Period is located in Katafuchi, Nagasaki. Its historical Japanese garden and a room with a reflective table make us feel the traditions and elegance of Japan. It opens only in spring and autumn, so why don't you visit this autumn?