Top Hotels & Ryokan In nagano


Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in nagano Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Hotels & Ryokan Ranking [1-7]

Yurui no Yado KEIZAN

A Hotel You Can Enjoy Specialty Food Of Shinshu Region & Onsen

It stands in quiet Hirugami Onsen district surrounded with mountains. This hotel offer you specialty foods of Shinshu region such as soft Shinshu Beef which has no odor, river fish, edible wild plants and soba noodle. They have onsen of high quality water, so you can enjoy the blissful time to be refreshed in mind and body.


A Mountain Cottage, Enzan-sou You Can Enjoy Beer And Sweets On The Top Of Mt.Tsubakuro-dake

I climbed Mt.Tsubakuro-dake in September the season of colored leaves. In the North Alps in Japan, only this mountain has white surface and called queen, the scenery is beautiful and is popular among woman. Enzan-sou has substantial eating house and prepare down-filled quilt to sleep. Furthermore, all staffs are young and kind!

Hoshino Resort KAI Matsumoto

Relaxing In Asama Hot Spring Bath By 'KAI Style'

Matsumoto's honor 'Asama Hot Spring' is soft hot water that penetrates gently into your skin. You can enjoy Japanese designs at the thirteen kinds of large bathrooms and open-air bath in the room. Even more, a stone couch a little warmer than body temperature, 'Radiant Bath' can offer you a relax by the way of 'KAI'. Well, it's a kind of paradise!


Only 10 Seconds On Foot To Beautiful Powder Snow, A Highlands Hotel Facing To The Japan North Alps

This highlands hotel has a dynamic well-style hall from the front to the ceiling. The Nordic interiors make us feel to be in other country. It's also attractive for us to be able to go to the ski slope in just 10 minutes on foot.


Only 5 Minutes Walk From Matsumoto Castle. A Room With A Harmony Of Old & New

It opened in Matsumoto, Nagano in June of 2016. They renovated a house once used as a ryokan, Japanese traditional style hotel by their own hands. They have a Japanese style room with tatami floor, a wood stove and bar lounge in the center of 1F.


Won A Prize For The First Time In Japan. A Simple Luxury Hotel That Has Won International Recognition

They won the two section of Luxury Travel Guide, and it's the first winner in Japan. It's quality is not pushing but calm, casual and luxury. You can enjoy the welcome service, the deep green outside the window and cuisine made from the locally grown foodstuffs with your five senses.

The Prince Villa Karuizawa

A Large Garden of a Peaceful Lawn And Well Trimmed Trees

I wanna see and spread myself forever on the beautiful green garden. If the weather is good, it will heal you better.