Top Foods & Restaurants In nagano


Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in nagano Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Foods & Restaurants Ranking [1-9]


Togakushi Soba Noodle & Vegetable Tempura Of A Very popular Restaurant

Soba noodle displayed in Bocchi-mori style on a bamboo colander with fresh natural wasabi (Japanese horseradish) grained by yourself, crispy tempura, and the local hot sake. This taste can be realized in this area with clear air and mysterious huge trees. Please enjoy the fresh soba noodle.

Coffee Bigaku Abe

A Retro Coffee Shop Near Matsumoto Station You Must List

Matsumoto City has many coffee shops, and it's the one located near the station and you can use at ease! The old way to make Latte and completely antique interior are contrary new for me. Their lunch also can make you satisfying.


Like A Secret Flower Garden. A Café Of Flowers & Light

Café and restaurant produced by a flower shop. They prepare the food of edible flowers and local foodstuffs. You can enjoy the colorful sight and taste, and feel the nature of Nagano.

Saito Sweets Shop

Special Apple Pie Made From Local Foodstuffs Of A Hot Spring Town

This shop is located at the center of Kakeyu Onsen, a historical hot spring town in Nagano. You can eat sweets made from Nagano foodstuffs. Especially, the apple pie is very delicious that you can enjoy the real taste and smell of apple without cinnamon nor anything like that.


Soba Noodle Made From 100% Buckwheat At Tateshina Highlands

Shimosaka is a great soba restaurant in Tateshina Highlands. The home made soba noodle which made from 100% of buckwheat flour ground by millstone uses no liaison. And all of the spices are native and no agrichemicals. I like the interior like a cottage!

Atelier de Fromage

Delicious Cheese Made From 30 Years Skill And Great Nature Of Shinshu Region

Located at the foot of calm mountains, this restaurant offers many kinds of cheese made from milk of the own farm. The best seller Rare Cheese Cake is so delicious that you can feel its freshness and taste directly.

Teuchi Soba BAIAN

Unforgettable Taste Of Gyoja Soba Noodle In The Quiet Mountains

People say 'Shinshu Soba' in this one word, but there're various kinds and ways of eating in each area. Gyoja Soba is one of these, and eat it with Karami Daikon (hot white radish) and Yaki Miso (burned miso) in the soup. You can enjoy rich smell and taste of soba noodle in miso flavor.

Curry Shop Yamagoya

Fluffy! Sticky! Spicy! 'Original Natto Curry' Is Extremely Addictive

The genuine fluffy and soft natto with soy sauce and dried bonito's flake. Mixing it on the rice with curry like demiglace sauce that you can choose the degree of spice as you like. What a nice combination with red wine! You can meet the addictive taste at the first natto-curry restaurant.

Togakushi Futabaya Hagakure

Taste With Only Solar Salt! Stoically Served Togakushi Soba Of A Lesser Known But Good Restaurant

When you come to eat Togakushi soba next time, visit this lesser known but refined restaurant. They complete the number of thoughtfully cooked soba-mae (appetizers taken with alcoholic drinks before eating soba), Shinshu Sake and wines. They make buckwheat by their own and are proud of its deep flavor. The head of the restaurant recommends eating with the solar salt, that's the style of Hagakure. Enjoy the elaborate taste quietly and calmly.