Top Shops In kyoto


Special Shops to travel in kyoto Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

Shops Ranking [1-10]

La Vie en Rose

Japanese Confections Costarring With Rose! Rose Sweets You Can Eat Only Here

Japanese confections made with full of rose has just started this season, and they are original to be able to eat only here. Rose Daifuku has rose and cream cheese in it and the two match very well! You can take Rose Kohaku home, and it's nice for souvenir, too.

Picture Book Café Mébaé

Feel Pity To Eat? Picture Book Café Famous Characters Become Food

This is a specialty shop of picture book with a café, managed by a major book store. There're 600 books both grown ups and children can enjoy. At a café, they prepare food with a great book illustration 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. It's so cute that you can't eat it!?

work & shop by BOX & NEEDLE

What A Cute♡ Set-up Boxes Produced By A Long Established Maker In Kyoto

These colorful and cute things are all set-up boxes (Haribako). There're various kinds, even some of them are available after getting wet. From accessory cases to bags, girls who like these things must be excited in this room.

Minatoya Yurei Kosodate-ame Hompo

Terrifying Folk Tale!? Kyoto's Famous 'Ghost's Child Rearing Candy'

Once upon a time, a mother ghost appeared to buy the candy for her child every night… It's Bekko-ame candy of a long-established shop that has become the root of 'GeGeGe no Kitaro'. A folk tale of mother's love, sweet familiar taste and a little bit terrifying package are excellent.

Dongree coffee stand & handicrafts for life

Only Here In Kyoto! You Can Taste Five Coffees Of Different Roasters At An Old House

You can taste '五焙' (Go-bai) made from five kinds of coffee beans roasted by different shops in Kyoto city, at the same time. They grind coffee beans after taking order and pour over one by one. You can enjoy the differences of tastes at the most delicious states. It's also nice to be able to drink with the explanations in detail at a room with tatami floor.


The First Boutique Flagship In Japan! The Worldwide Chocolatery Preparing Limited Items Only In Kyoto

A worldwide chocolate shop 'JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN' was opened in Kyoto, as the first boutique flagship in Japan. You'll be surprised at the collaborations of unbelievable foodstuffs like maccha and shiro-miso! But, they are very delicious and getting into the news.

% ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama

Superb Espresso With Superb Location Of Arashiyama

Coffee and espresso brewed by a skillful barista at a superb location facing to Arashiyama and Togetsu-kyo bridge. Beautiful cafe latte-art, % logo mark, and refined sense of taste for its counter style… all of them are so cool!


The Chewy Dough And Bean Jam In Good Balanced Sweetness

For the bean jam, they use Tamba Dainagon (quality azuki bean). The maker Mangetsu makes only four kinds of Japanese sweets, and they have much particularity for each of them.

Former Shitsumi Primary School

Nice Practical Use! A Closed Primary School In A Mountain

A complex using classrooms of a former primary school. There are many shops of good senses, such as a factory of Japanese snack 'Okaki', a café, a general store and an antique shop. Each shop, of course, is nice and retro school building itself is also good for you to feel easy.

Nakamura Tokichi Main Store

Classic Tea Items of the Old Store in Uji that is Famous as Japanese Tea Mecca

The old store from 1859 (the Ansei period) sells various Uji tea items made by traditional method. And you can enjoy shopping and eating in the building selected important cultural landscape.